How To Highlight Sales Items in Window Displays

Creating a good window display is one of the techniques that retailers do in order to attract the attentions of buyers and increase sales. There are several tips that you can do so that you can grab the attention of shoppers and steer them away from your competitors. A nice window display can do this trick.

Read and follow the tips that are provided to know how you can highlight sales items in window displays:

  • Focus on the product. The main objective for your window display is to highlight the products to make the shoppers notice them. When making your window display, make sure that the other items on the display such as the backdrop or props do not overshadow your products. When the shoppers pass by your store, the item that should grab their attention should be the products and not the set up of your display.
  • Use appropriate lighting. One of the best things to do to highlight a product is to use a spotlight within the display case. The spotlight should be pointed towards the product. This is useful especially if you highlight the new products that you have or if you have any promotional offers that you want passersby to notice.
  • Go with the season. Set up your display according to the current season. If there are upcoming holidays, prepare some ornaments or banners that you can put inside the display case. Make it lively and attractive to get the attention of the people who will pass by your window.
  • Use bright colors. Use bright colors in the display case to attract attention. Some of the colors that you can use are bright red, blue or yellow. You can use these colors for backdrops or cloths that you can place on the display case. Be careful in using clashing colors, as this can be hurtful to the eyes.
  • Stack up items. Stack up boxes of the sales items. You can form different shapes such as a pyramid or a box. The height of these stacks can be inviting and interesting to shoppers, especially for kids. Make sure to use support when you stack up items to avoid having them knocked down.
  • Make big banners. When working on your display case, you should also think of the people who drive by in their cars if your shop is by the road. Provide big banners with big fonts and information that is easy to read so that you can also attract those who only get to see your display for a few seconds.

Follow these tips and you will be able to increase your sales on the products that you have in your store. Remember to have a supply for the products that you are highlighting so that you will not have to turn down customers when they look for the highlighted products. Research on the display cases of your competitors so that you can improve on yours and get more sales.


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