How To Hire a Designer for Your Home Business Brochures

Are you a home business owner? Do you need to prepare brochures and pamphlets to advertise your business, products and services? Are you wondering how to get some creative designs for your brochures, make them attractive to help draw customers? Here are some tips that will definitely help...

As is true for most services, hiring the best professional help would most often depend on affordability. If you have a healthy marketing budget, then you could simply do an online search of designers in your area, pick up the phone and call them to give you proposals and quotations. You can also post your requirements on business and social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

However, if you are looking for creative and innovative design at a fraction of the cost charged by established designers, along with the flexibility for modifications at a future date, there are a few ways to achieve it. For starters, it may be important that your business, products and services be interesting and that you possess the ability to trigger the ‘challenge' element in the designer.

Today, designing is done mostly with the help of computer technology, and there are numerous design schools all over the world. State your requirements, and you could even host a competition for the submission of designs. Announce an award for winning entries and of course, the opportunity to design for your business. Design students would love to work on such projects, because it allows them to expand their portfolio for future needs.

Next, check with local artist guilds, art schools or look up listings for local visual and graphic artists who host shows of their works. These give you an immediate idea of the capabilities and talent available, and you could undertake your exercise of elimination on the spot.

One can safely assume a cost advantage of thirty to forty percent from the second and third options vis-à-vis hiring a professional design studio for creating your business brochures.

Irrespective of the choice, note the following while hiring a designer -

Prepare a detailed note of your requirements in the brochure, what you wish to achieve by circulating these business brochures. Highlight your unique selling proposition (USP); give the designer all the details and information about your company, products and services. The more information you provide, the better it is for the designer to conceptualize and create your business brochures.

Next, identify your choice of designer based on his/her approach to your request - it should be professional, open-minded, and appear creative and innovative, rather than rely upon existing formats; observe the designer's earlier works and determine their capabilities. Make sure it matches your expectations. The designer should preferably have prior experience creating brochures in your line of work, and even if that is not the case, they at least should have a good understanding of your business, its target clientele and an ability to assimilate your expectations.

In addition, quite importantly, the designer should be able to create your business brochures using user-friendly computer technologies that will then enable you to replicate them in different sizes and styles.


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