How To Hire a Party Planner

A party planner’s job is to give a great party with minimal fuss on your part.  If you are launching an event or a celebration, hire a party planner for great results.  Here is how to hire a party planner for all kinds of parties.

  1. Decide whether you need a party planner.  Having second thoughts about whether to hire a party planner or not?  You need a party planner if you don’t have the time, skill, resources or motivation to prepare a party on your own.  If you have all that it takes to give a great party, but like to see a pro handle it, hire a party planner.
  2. Know the advantages of hiring a party planner.  A qualified party planner has a lot of experience in giving parties.  A party planner has plenty of ideas in preparing and managing any kind of party that you want.  A party planner gives a variety of artistic ideas to spice up a party.   A party planner is connected to people who contribute to the party such as performers, photographing services, food services, and the like.  A party planner takes care of the details such as the decorations, invitations, program schedules, and so on.
  3. List your party planner’s tasks.  Think about everything you want your party planner to do and list them down.  If you run out of ideas, ask around or do some research.  Then, estimate how much each task costs to set your budget accordingly.
  4. Set your budget.  A party planner’s services costs variably from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars.  Choose a party planner according to your budget.  Know how much a party planner charges, and avoid those who overcharge or changes rates without your prior consent.
  5. Look for party planners.  Party planners are everywhere.  Look for party planners in the paper, yellow pages, classifieds, advertisements, or ask around.  Party planning services are found in places where parties are held.  Gather as many names and contact details of party planners as possible.
  6. Choose your party planner.  Now that you have a list of party planners, narrow the list down.  Examine a party planner’s portfolio, gather comments and feedback about a party planner, or attend one of the planner’s parties and observe how he handles a party.
  7. Give an interview.  Ask about a party planner’s experiences and know important details about the parties he has planned such as the total number, types, group size, and unique characteristics.  Determine whether the party planner has the experience, talent, attitude, and wits that you are looking for.
  8. Plan the party.   Once you have chosen your party planner, discuss payment matters such as how much his services costs, how often you have to pay, etc.  Tell the party planner’s tasks and your goals for the party.  Clarify every detail to get what you want.  If the party planner has suggestions, make sure that the party planner discusses them with you before implementing them.  Make sure that everything are written and signed in the appropriate legal documents.

If you have the budget to spare, hire a party planner.  Hiring a party planner has several advantages.  The only disadvantage is that you are letting someone else run the party for you, and there is a risk that the party doesn’t turn out the way you expect it to be.  Choose a party planner carefully and plan the party together to counteract this disadvantage.


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