How To Hire Coffee Shop Employees

Hanging out in a coffee shop has become a fad nowadays. More and more people prefer the quiet and serene environment of coffee shops to the louder and busier bars and restaurants. The increase in demand has made a surprising increase in the number of coffee shops everywhere

Smaller coffee shops are usually run by the owners themselves and a person or two to help them run the business. However, bigger ones need to hire employees. A coffee shop typically should have this group of employees:

  • Barista – The one in-charge of preparing and serving espresso drinks.
  • Server – Coffee shops serving more than five tables should hire a server or waiter to serve orders and clean tables.
  • Cashier – The one in-charge of the cash register and serving to-go orders.
  • Chef/Baker – Most coffee shops today also serve breads and cakes. The chef/baker prepares these.
  • Manager – Recommended for bigger coffee shops with a large number of employees. This person will not only provide supervision but will perform administrative work as well.

Whether you are a coffee shop owner expanding your business or a businessman starting a coffee shop business, here are the steps to keep in mind in hiring coffee shop employees:

  1. Advertise your job opening. You may want to advertise in your local paper or post your job opening in an online job site. List down the positions available and the responsibilities that are tied with each. Specify your requirements and preferences. Specify the job hours and if the post is just part-time. If you are on a tight budget and have none to spare for advertising costs, you can always post a sign outside your coffee shop.
  2. Schedule an interview. The ideal time for interviewing is when your coffee shop is closed unless you have someone who can supervise the operations while you are interviewing applicants. Screen out immediately the people who have an unimpressive personality. You will feel this quickly during your conversation. A coffee shop employee should have a vibrant personality especially when most of the customers come in early in the morning. Ask about related experience. You should be eyeing an applicant who has already experienced working in a restaurant or fast food outlet.
  3. Verify references. You can try calling the previous employers listed in the application form. For those without experience, a former teacher or community public servant should be listed for cross reference.
  4. Come up with a decision. Narrow down your choices and schedule a second interview. The final interview is also the best time to layout the salary and other employee benefits. You will also be sharing the work schedule or agreeing on one depending on your applicant's availability and your coffee shop's opening hours.

Employees are part of the assets of any business. Although you may not always get the most experienced and the best person for your coffee shop, remember that this does not last forever. Coffee shop employees lacking in experience become efficient over time with the proper training and guidance from their employer.


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