How To Hire Skilled Webmasters

Hiring webmasters for your business is becoming increasingly commonplace for many businesses today. As the online community grows exponentially, so do business opportunities abound online and beyond. Through e-commerce, we have seen that the Internet is definitely a viable business tool. As the environment changes, however, your business must be quick to adapt to a number of economic climate changes that could either adversely affect your business or strengthen it. One of the main components in both riding out and effecting these changes would be your staff. Hiring good IT professionals is tough, what with all the competition nowadays. But, if you are in the market for a good webmaster, there are a few things you may want to consider.

Essentially, a webmaster is an IT professional who manages the daily operations of a website or a group of websites. As with any job in Information Technology, becoming a good webmaster requires that the person should keep abreast of the latest developments in technology. During the course of your interview, see if your potential employee knows about the following concepts.

  • Page rank is, put quite simply, how much Google trusts a particular site. That being said, the webmaster should have an understanding of the importance of page ranking and search engine optimization--the end all and be all of Internet business is simply user clicks. Page ranking tells your webmaster how many sites point to your site, as well as how important or related these "pointer sites" are, which lead to your main site.
  • Nobody likes a slowly loading page. Your webmaster must be able to optimize all aspects of your site in order for it to load as quickly and as efficiently as possible. He should be able to monitor the size, resolution and number of graphics on your site, as too many pictures will result in longer load times. You are trying to avoid a site that comes off too flashy and too long to load - good webmasters understand the value of clean, streamlined and informative sites. Good webmasters also should be able to monitor the server that is hosting your site. It is quite possible that since a number of sites are being hosted on a server, your site ends up loading longer than it should.
  • A good webmaster should also know if a particular website adheres to world standards. The standard, called W3C, is the guide by which websites are published, designed and maintained. There is a W3C validation tool available for free on the Internet. This tool checks your web documents and coding content to see if they meet the W3C standard. The tool is able to analyze the code line by line, pointing out errors when detected. This enables the webmaster to ensure that his site's code is clean.

A good webmaster is able to keep track of these and many others. He should be able to maintain your site, and offer suggestions for its eventual optimization. He should also have ideas on how to generate user traffic to your site.


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