How To Hold a Reverse Raffle

Reverse raffles offer a new twist to your traditional raffles. If you are trying to raise funds for your organization and are tired of the usual raffle and donation cycles, try having a reverse raffle done to keep everyone on their toes. It is a fairly easy event to organize and the steps below should help you come up with one of your own.

  • The things that you will need. For setting up a reverse raffle, you need to have some raffle tickets printed out, some prizes, a venue for your event and some ample seating such as folding chairs for your crowd.
  • A raffle is not a raffle without the prizes. Depending on what you are raising funds for, the grand prize for your raffle can be as big as a new car or as simple as some gift certificates for a nearby store. Regardless of what it is, the main prize is the focus of everyone’s attention and it should be won by only one person. The other prizes such as a second or a third prize and other minor prizes can be split or be given to multiple people. If you have cash prizes then that would be relatively easy to split.
  • Checking the information in your raffle tickets. Your raffle tickets serve as your invitation to the event. Make sure you have the right date and time, plus venue, and a preview of the prizes that you are giving away. Give a teaser that this will be a reverse raffle so that they know that this is not just any other raffle. After you have printed your tickets, you just need to sell and distribute them.
  • How a reverse raffle works. Once you have sold all of your tickets, for example, you have two hundred tickets in total. Start drawing the first 190 tickets, if you have 10 prizes for example. Then who ever didn’t have their tickets called are the 10 holders of the winning raffle tickets. Ask these people to sit up front so that everyone will see their reactions.
  • Start with the minor prizes first. With the most minor of all prizes, draw the 10th ticket for the 10th prize. Do this until you reach the top of your list. Another way to do this, which would be especially good if you are raffling off money instead of items, is to ask the 10th prize winner if they want to receive their cash at once or if they want to draw the 9th prize winner so that they can combine their earnings and split it evenly between them. With every person that is drawn out, ask this question or if the group consents that they will all just split the prize money evenly amongst them.

Make sure that you have simple rules printed at the back of the raffle tickets such as if the winning ticket holder is not in the raffle venue then he or she is excluded from the raffle. You can also indicate in the raffle ticket where the proceeds of the raffle will go to so that they are a bit more involved in what you are doing for your organization. Having raffles is a fun way to get everyone together and raise funds for your group. It also makes everyone have a little bit of quality time with his or her friends.


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