How To Identify Different Types of Paper Envelopes

Envelopes play a small but significant role for the different sectors in society -- especially the business and the educational industries. Most envelopes are used for formal letters, postcards, flyers, and ad brochures printing. Even the advent of computers and the Internet did not affect the important role of envelopes. In fact, more and more companies are hiring lay out artists and paying printing stations for the design of their envelope. For some institutions, an envelope is a symbol of a company. An envelope represents the name and the quality a company offers. Here are the different types of envelopes that may be useful for you to know how to identify now or in the future:

  1. Direct Mail Envelopes - These envelopes are commonly used in commercial industries. Direct mail envelopes are utilized to obtain faster replies from customers as well as clients. Most companies use direct mail envelopes as return envelopes printed with a return address for easy and quick replies. Most of the time, direct mail envelopes are used as freepost reply, metered reply or courtesy reply. Direct mail envelopes measure 3-4 by 7-8 inches. These envelopes are the longer ones and are perfect for marketing documents. Commonly, direct mail envelopes have wider portions. On the other hand, there are also smaller direct mail envelopes, which measure 4-5 by 6-7 inches. These smaller envelopes are used to mail shorter marketing files.
  2. Window Envelopes - They are called window envelopes because they have a transparent side in front where you can see a portion of the paper. The transparent side, which is made up of plastic is the window. The window serves as the place where the names of the recipients are viewed. Aside from the name of the receiver, his address is also indicated in the window. Window envelopes are usually used for billing purposes. Ease in distribution is the main purpose in using a window envelope.
  3. Corporate Envelopes - These envelopes are utilized to show the image as well as the brand of a certain company. Most of the time, corporate envelopes come with specifications of designs depending on the preferences of the company. Corporate envelopes naturally hold company documents and files as well as legal papers. Corporate envelopes usually come with the logo of the business sector or the education institution that they represent. 
  4. Baronial Envelopes - Unlike the former envelopes, baronial envelopes are special envelopes. They are normally used for invitations and other communications as well as announcements. Baronial envelopes are not used for sending company files and documents because baronial envelopes are not apt for standard postal procedures. On the other hand, more and more people prefer to open baronial envelopes over the other types because they have a special touch. Baronial envelopes are used to show positive news. However, some companies misuse baronial envelopes for their advantage. The standard size of baronial envelopes is 4 by 5 inches. Baronial envelopes also come in different sizes depending on the needs of the sender.

These are the most common types of envelopes. Choose what fits your recipient and your message and you will surely receive a remarkable reply.


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