How To Implement a Customer Service Plan at Your Company

We’ve all heard the phrase “The customer is always right” and more than just a catch-phrase, there is much truth to this statement! Especially in these days where everyone and everything is highly interconnected thanks to the Internet, customer satisfaction and engagement is more important than ever. On one hand, a bad review from a well-known blogger can spell disaster for your product!  On the other hand, rave reviews with how a complaint was handled or how engaging a marketing campaign was can ensure a good following and can even lead to an exemplary marketing success story.

It is without a doubt essential to implement a successful customer service plan that is engaging and relevant to your target audience.

  • Know your product and your company. The first thing to do is to know your product inside and out – both its strengths and its weaknesses. Knowing your product extremely well can help you anticipate customer concerns, complaints and issues. Be sure that almost if not all your employees know your product well. Because the world is so interconnected, questions can be addressed to almost any member of your company. Anyone from the finance or administrative department can be asked by a friend via Facebook about your company or product and anyone is a potential customer.
  • Invest in training your employees. In line with number 1, invest in training your employees about your product. In some companies with products like cars, employees normally schedule an entire day for employees to be trained with regard to the new model. A professional trainor is usually hired for a fun and engaging day that helps the employee know at least the basics about the product. Get experts from the right fields both internally and externally in training your employees. Basic FAQs, mannerism in handling phone calls, emails and inquiries should be in the training itinerary.
  • Be approachable in all channels. There is no more excuse to be unreachable nowadays. There are mobile phones, customer-service companies, email and even social-networking sites. And definitely, your company should especially be approachable! In fact, be sure that you are welcoming in all channels. One of the best ways of improving your product is to listen to your customers and by all means, create a system that engages consumers efficiently through all the channels that they can. Make sure your website is friendly and easy-to-use! Put yourself in your customer’s shoes – don’t you feel special when there is efficient and concrete feedback to your queries?
  • Create an efficient system for customer calls. The worst customer feedback can come from consumers who’ve been on hold for hours listening to a recording! Everyone has had sour experiences in this matter – and you yourself have probably spread the word about a certain company who never really took your call! There are dozens of companies that specialize in creating and putting up systems that efficiently traffic customer calls, emails, etcetera. You can opt to invest in one (especially if you have a large company) to help you create an efficient system that answers a customer’s complaints and queries. This will also help you file and account for complaints – which will help you see right away if a product has a recurring problem or if a department has constant complaints.

The customer is always right – it may sound painful or redundant but listening to your customer will help you and your company in the long run. Keep in mind that how you treat your customers and clients is what builds your company’s public reputation.


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