How To Implement Creative Suggestion Box Designs

Does anybody wonder why a pen and a suggestion form come with the restaurant bill? It seems as if they are requiring us to write a suggestion. But why hand it to us, customers, instead of just waiting for anyone to drop a written suggestion in their suggestion box just like before? Who wants to pay attention to a plain box marked with the words “Suggestion Box” anyway? No wonder the appearance of suggestion boxes is becoming less and less.

To improve an establishment’s services and products, it is important to have a suggestion box. But most of the time, it is small enough not to be noticed. It is seldom for concerned customers to bother asking where they can place suggestions and comments, so they look for the manager instead. This makes a suggestion box not just boring, but also useless.

In order for a suggestion box to work, or at least to catch any attention, make it look unique. Here are some creative suggestion box designs:

  1. Make suggestion boxes out of donation boxes. A donation box, especially the transparent kind, usually captures anyone’s attention more than an ordinary suggestion box, since these are always at the order or cashier counter (can be seen usually in fast food restaurants). So convert the donation box into a suggestion box by adding your logo and company or store name, and then place it on the counter.
  2. Use the suggestion box as a tabletop display. Now this is something nobody can miss. This is highly effective since anyone seated can easily write their suggestions and comments and drop it into the box.  Just don’t forget to place a pen beside the form and the box.
  3. Use brochure holders as a suggestion box. Compared to the traditional suggestion box, a brochure holder is commonly transparent. Make sure you place it where customers usually stop or pass by. Once they see that many have dropped suggestions, they will not be shy about putting down their own contributions. All you have to do is print a large “Suggestion Box” sign, with an arrow pointing to the brochure holder.
  4. Prepare a mascot’s head as a suggestion box. This sure is one of the eye-catching ideas that you can apply. At first, customers will take a look at the image of a mascot, and eventually come up with a suggestion or comment and write it down since they’re already there.
  5. Depending on the occasion, make suggestion boxes out of different objects. Examples of these are plastic pumpkin heads for Halloween and huge gift boxes for Christmas. You can use this every year, so it’s not really a waste of effort and money. One more thing about making your suggestion boxes noticeable is making it one of your display fixtures. Since it is always present, there is no way regular customers can miss it.

Social networking services like Facebook, Friendster and Myspace have their own suggestion boxes. There is software that can be to used to create a new and attractive suggestion box. It is always more enticing to add comments and suggestions to colorful and attractive suggestion boxes.


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