How To Improve Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is what makes a company succeed. It is a measure of how well the company is managed and how well the company treats its employees. There are many methods that can be employed to improve employee productivity and below are some of them.

  • Review the salary scheme of your company. Most employee turnovers are a result of them not being satisfied with the salary they are receiving and have faced a blank wall when requesting for a salary increase.
  • Provide your employees with the right tools to increase and improve their job performance. Keep them updated on latest business developments and technology advancements and anticipate their needs for new technology. Managing employees is a dynamic affair and you should also keep abreast of new management techniques that will help you lead your team to increased productivity.
  • Listen to the problems and suggestions from your employees. They are the ones who are working closest to the production of the company’s products and know the problems first-hand. They can provide you with effective solutions, provided you hear them out and you test the solutions that they will give you and implement them if they are worthy of being implemented.
  • Recognize their efforts with monetary rewards. It can be a one-off cash reward, a promotion and increase in pay or maybe a paid holiday. This does not only increase the morale of the employees, it will also inspire them to work harder and remain loyal to the company.
  • Show your employees that you too are prepared to work hard like them. Employees do not like working for slackers and they will imitate you if you become one. Challenge them to perform their tasks better and letting them know that they are valuable assets to the company. Let them take pride of ownership of their personal output and recognize their achievements and contributions.
  • Set high goals for your employees and help them achieve this through regular trainings, performance reviews and employee recognition. Their professional development will keep them inspired to work better. Identify leaders in the group and give them tasks that will challenge their creativity and logical thinking.
  • Provide a relaxed work atmosphere for your employees. Do not be too rigid in the observance of company rules and regulations. Allow music to be played in the office to break the monotony of working in a silent room. Give that choice to the employees. If they want to have a radio in the department allow it as long as it does not interfere with work.
  • Organize parties or treat your employees to an occasional lunch or dinner, particularly when a production target had been reached or surpassed. This will boost employee moral and encourage them to work harder and increase their productivity.
  • With the increasing number of working mothers, you can also help them achieve their work goals by offering flexible working times. This will not only encourage the working mothers to work harder, they will be very grateful to you and the company and will make them loyal.
  • Teach your employees some productivity skills with the use of work flowcharts, project management tools and Gantt charts so that every one in the team will know what the rest of the members are doing. This will help them track the dependencies – work or people that are necessary to make the job complete.
  • Do regular employee evaluation to assess the suitability of the employees to their assigned tasks. Low productivity at times can be attributed to the fact the some employees are not fit to perform the tasks that have been assigned to them. By realigning their job assignment you will see increased performance.

Employee productivity is something that can make or break a company. Provide your employees with all the right tools and the right compensation in a happy work place and you can be assured that their productivity level will increase in consonance with their job satisfaction.


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