How To Improve Your Organizational Skills

Clutter reflects a person’s personality. The more cluttered a person’s room or area, the more you can tell how this person lives his life. If you are already organized but you need to improve, follow these tips on how to improve your organizational skills:

  1. Set a plan and stick to it. If you are going to get through a day, planning it should may it work. A lot of people think planning your day, week or even your month consumes time when in actuality, it saves time! You can use your daily planner to jot down the activities you are to do for the day. Besides being able to make time for everything you need to do, you can simply refer to your planner to go back and remember what you have already done. However, you should also be flexible in case some of your plans need changes. After all, not everything in life goes as you planned.
  2. Maintain time management. Unfortunately we cannot control or freeze time. We can only manage our hours. Set your priorities. Begin by allotting more time for things that need to be done first or depending on its complexity. This can be accomplished by establishing some balance into your work and other activities. If you need to finish a job, give it the most important amount of time than the task of going to a movie. An average person loses about an hour a day because of disorganization. If you think about it really well, that’s 7 hours a week. A lot of wasted time.
  3. After you use something, do not put it down. Put it away. In order to be organized, you should always put the things you use back to their proper place. Don’t just place them anywhere you feel like. When people have this “put it down, not put away” attitude, you will notice it is the reason why clutter begins.
  4. It is okay to be annoyed with clutter. If you stop and look around your area and find clutter, it is okay to let it get to you. This will encourage you to clean it up. In a workplace, there is a practice called 5S. This practice calls for sorting, set in order, sweeping, standardizing and sustaining.  This 5S system actually does work. You should also apply this method to your home.
  5. Practice a good filing system. You should always file it and not pile it. Filing reduces clutter in your desk or room. You can enlist the help of filing folders, organizational boxes. Just be sure you label your boxes before putting them away.
  6. Always open your mail and do not let it pile up. Be it in your Internet mail or courier, you should always open your mail to reduce clutter. Mail is like paper work, the longer you stall, the more it piles up. Once it does, it will take you hours and hours to read all of them.

Being organized is a way to live a healthy lifestyle. Besides being in control of your time, you will reduce your stress and worries because you would always know what to do.


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