How To Improve Your Team Management

The efficacy of team management is what differentiates a failed team from a winning team! Human resources management, or dealing with the human resources that make up a business, is what makes one business different from another.  Keeping this in mind, improving team management can do wonders for your business in achieving your short and long term goals. This is the only aspect that can bring in serious returns without additional capital investment.

Improving your team management skills helps develop your team and increase the output performance by leaps and bounds! Development of this skill, in a team leader or manager, includes the fundamentals of describing goals or expectations better, linking core competencies of team members, exploring possibilities and alternate ways to work, controlling and preempting business exigencies and counseling and guiding team members from time to time as and when the need arises.
The most effective way to improve your team management would be to identify the strengths your team members have, individually. Once this exercise is accomplished, put down on paper their weaknesses. This way, it would be easily identifiable which individuals complement each other and would come up with better output.

Address your team and take them through an introspective exercise. Lay stress on the principle that teams that win use individual strengths in a collective manner.

Human beings are complex organisms with differing ideas and personalities; when a variety of them come together, there will always be a difference of opinion or conflict. Improve your team by maintaining their individuality but at the same time nudging them gently towards the common goal. Address those problems which are hindrances and you would find a marked difference in the output.

Criticize, if really needed. This is one way of putting your team back on track. At the same time, listen to what makes them behave the way they behave. The team may have a genuine challenge. Keep all forms of communication open for effective redress of issues that block the team’s way of achieving their goals.

Good managers notice good workers. Giving your team positive feedback from within the organisation or from the market is one way of improving your team management. Nothing works better than encouragement. This also sends out a loud and clear signal that your team is on the right path, set out to achieve the right goals.

Stand by your team. Say ‘NO’ to issues or deadlines that you think would put unnecessary pressure on your team. Make decisions keeping your team in confidence.

Be an advocate for the team.  There are times that unrealistic commitments need to be made. Speak to your team first before you communicate a commitment to your management. You will be surprised to know that if your team is part of the decision-making process, they too would stand by you to fulfil commitments made to the management.


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