How To Include Promotional Products in Direct Mail

Advertising can do wonders to your business. Including promotional products in direct mails to be sent to prospective customers is a good move to make them familiar with your business name and the services you offer. Here are the steps you could follow in doing this kind of promotional gimmick the right way:

  • Start with the cheaper products. There are various promotional companies offering various products for such purpose. There are also corresponding budget options for each type of product. If you are just starting with the business, it is wiser to start small. You can always go up the ladder when it comes to item choices as your business becomes more stable.
  • It is important that the product is compact and light. This will make products easier to slip inside the envelopes. It can also assure cheaper rates on shipment. It will not look bulky and too much of a hassle to the receiver.
  • Choose promotional products that will represent your company well. Pens and lanyards are popular choices along with the company’s logo. Relating promotional items to your services is also a smart move. For example, if your company offers services that will allow customers to save more money, you might settle with sending them a money clip with your company’s logo. Sometimes, you have to create a signature style just so you can set apart your company’s brand among others in the market. This style may come with the packaging as well. You can add little notes at the envelope, for example, a tag line which you want your company to be famous for or a logo which is unique to your company.
  • Cater to the audience for which you are targeting your promotions.  Put in mind the age, sex, location and social status of the people who will receive the items. It is important that they will find that the item will fit their lifestyles or beliefs and views in life. Otherwise, they might consider it as an insult or a rather useless thing.
  • Choose items according to their usefulness and advertising capacity. These are the items that will surely penetrate your customer’s visual range most of the time. To give an example, some popular promotional items such as stick-on calendars and refrigerator stickers are sure to be looked at most of the time by your prospective customers. They are very useful and visually present. Should your customer need your service, he can easily track down your promotional product and make your company first on his list.
  • Be careful in choosing the promotional distributor you wish to supply you the promotional products. If anything goes wrong with the promotional products, make sure that your distributor is accountable and reliable enough to take responsibility. It is wise to scout for feedback from their previous customers.

Including promotional products on your direct mailing list is a way to sell your company’s services to the consumers. It is important that you use this strategy well. After all, as experts say, that there is  almost a 50% more probability that the customers will send a direct reply because of the products you sent them.


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