How To Increase Productivity with a Rewards Employee Program

Nowadays companies are feeling the crunch of the global recession, or are at least trying to get back on track in the wake of financial crises. Therefore, improving employee productivity is among the foremost concerns. Productive employees bring about efficiency in the business. There are certain ways that may help employers establish an atmosphere that is conducive to productivity, and having a rewards employee program is one of these.

Mentioned below are a few options on how companies can increase productivity and at enhance business growth. The rewards don’t only involve monetary benefits, but also the personal benefits that can inspire employees to be loyal and more hardworking.

Encourage innovation. Initiating a rewards employee program, where the company rewards employees for their efforts as well as their successes, can be seen as the first step toward building a better employer-employee relationship. Rewards are also given to employees who are able to generate good ideas, whether or not the company can bank on these ideas. In fact, certain companies encourage employees to work on personal projects during company time. Google, for instance, was able to come up with good ideas from hobbies or personal projects by its employees, such as Gmail. This encourages employees to be productive and innovative at the same time.

Be flexible. Another employee rewards option is providing for a flexible work schedule for the employees, such that they are not constricted to working in fixed 8 to 5 shifts. Employees can specify their ideal times to come to work, or they can count their hours spent being productive at the office. This takes into consideration the fact that not everyone is at their best during regular office hours. Some employees might work better early in the morning, while some are best during late afternoons or early in the evening. This way, employees can also work their schedules around their other affairs, such as continuing education, or even just spending time with the family.

Offer trainings and workshops. Employees feel more productive if they are able to learn continuously while on the job. Provide seminars and workshops on various subjects, whether these are relevant to the company or not.

Unwind. The daily grind can be stressful. Take some time to treat your employees to company-sponsored parties, dinners, picnics or other events. Giving employees and their families free passes to games, concerts or shows can help improve the image of the company, and enhance camaraderie among colleagues and their families. It will make them feel that you care for them. This will make them feel more as a part of the company and gradually improve their loyalty towards the company.

Celebrate occasions. Each month, hold a party for employees who celebrate their birthdays on that month. This makes everyone feel special during their birth month. This is certainly something to look forward to.

Help with financial needs. Another important employee rewards program is the personal concern extended towards family needs. Offer personal loans or cash advances, especially for emergencies like calamities and illnesses. These can be paid off in installments from your employees’ salary, so it will not be too much of a burden.
In the modern workplace, efficiency is not the only indicator of a good employee. Your workers should be happy and productive, and this will lead to better services and better products. Reward your employees for good work they have done, and see their morale rise.


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