How To Increase Retail Sales

Increasing retail sales involves three key ingredients: market knowledge, product knowledge, and customer service. Below we will discuss tips for each of these three areas which will help to increase your sales and customer base.

Market knowledge helps you identify the segment within the population that you are targeting as customers. To specify this market, you need to establish a plan to assess the population in the local area that would be most interested in your services or products. This is done through surveys, sampling and related procedures from which data is collected and analyzed for patterns. From this data analysis you can plan an advertising campaign and store set-up to maximize your product or service's visibility.

Product knowledge involves giving training and opportunities for your employees to increase their knowledge base in the various items or services that your company offers. Training is the important element here, and should be planned so that every employee, over time, can be cross-trained in the different areas of your business. This gives your staff versatility, confidence in answering questions, and will result in your staff members having more people to go to if they need help with questions. Give your staff time to use new products, to look at manuals, and to get familiar with the items they are being asked to sell.

The last two items blend into customer service. This is the final dash of success that you will need to increase your sales, and is the most important. Giving quality customer service creates return customers who will want to come to you for their needs because you know how to provide the best service for problems and concerns. Your store must be clean and the employees should be knowledgeable and well-trained, along with being able to deal with issues that arise at any moment. One aspect to focus on here is conflict resolution - make sure that all staff are adequately trained and supported to deal with customer issues and that your management staff is backing up the sales staff when needed. This is critical to keeping loyal customers for years to come.

If you focus on establishing market knowledge, product knowledge, and customer service in your staff and yourself, you will see an increase in your retail sales over time. Good planning and attention to detail in these three areas will get you on the right track to being successful.


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