How To Increase the Response Rate of Your Brochure

When printing brochures, there are a few things you should remember to increase the likelihood of sales:

Step 1

Make your cover interesting. 

The first thing a customer will see is the brochure's cover, so make sure it looks interesting enough to get them to look inside. Bold text, intriguing photographs, a bit of color, all of these things can make your brochure stand out from all the others. Don't put too much information or text on the cover though. The cover's purpose is to catch the eye immediately when the customer sees it. A color brochure may also be more enticing to the reader than a black and white one. It should show, not tell, the customer what is being offered, and it should do it in a way that makes the customer eager to learn more. 

Step 2

Write your text while keeping your customer in mind. 

There are plenty of things you may want to say about your products or business, but what does your customer want to know? Put yourself in the customer's place and think about what you could say to make him or her want to buy your products. You wouldn't want to read a boring brochure full of too many facts and figures, and neither would your customer. Make your brochure exciting.  

Step 3

Show, don't tell. 

Whenever possible, make your text clear and concise. Too many words may bore your reader. A customer should have a pretty good idea of what you're selling and why he or she should want it after only a few seconds of skimming the brochure. It's important to add some details, but customers will only read the fine print after they are interested. You need to use photos and just enough text to tell the main points you are trying to get across.  

Step 4

Use lists rather than long paragraphs. 

Just like using photos, lists can be skimmed over quickly while gaining a lot of information in the shortest amount of time. If your customer can't get the general idea of what you're selling within a few seconds, they may not bother to read the rest of your brochure. Make it easy to learn the facts about your products. A bold list in a large, easy to read typeface makes it quick and easy to learn about your products, which can increase the possibility of a sale. 

Step 5

Tell them how to get the product, and make it easy to do so. 

This may seem obvious, but you need to make it as easy and convenient as possible to get your product. Put your business address in an easy to find place in your brochure as well as a telephone number and the hours you can be reached. Do you do mail orders? If so, perhaps you can also do orders over the internet. If you have a website, be sure to put the URL on your brochure. Give your customers as many ways to contact you and get your products as you can so that you can reach the maximum number of people. 

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