How To Increase Website Conversions into Sales

If you're in the business of selling a product or service online, then you would most likely be concerned about your website's conversion rate. This is simply the ratio of your visitors taking the desired course of action on your site, as opposed to the total number of visitors your site has for a given time. This might include buying a product, subscribing to your service, signing up for your newsletter, downloading a file, or answering a survey. For simplicity's sake, let's define conversion as the act of a user buying a product from your website.

So for instance, if you get one thousand unique visitors in a month, and 250 people actually buy your product, then you have a conversion rate of 25%. In some cases, it's a matter of your audience not knowing what course of action they should take. In other cases, it's a matter of your website being improperly targeted.

Here are a few tips on how to improve your website's conversion rate.

Look and feel. In order for your company to look credible on the web, your website or landing page should look clean and professional. Avoid adding unnecessary elements to your website, such as animations, popups, fancy images and other things that can just add to the visual clutter. A landing page should be simple, yet captivating, so that your intended audience can focus on the important things you are presenting.

Call to action. You should make a bold call to action. This should be highlighted in easy to read, big words. For example, say "BUY NOW" or "ORDER HERE" or "SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER." This call to action should be prevalent within your site. This should be included at the top of the fold (meaning the top part of your website visible even without having to scroll down), at the middle, and near the end of your webpage.

Provide high quality images. If you are selling actual goods, then you should provide good quality images so prospective buyers can inspect the item online. If they are satisfied with what they see, then they are more likely to buy now.

Offer free shipping. If you are able to offer free shipping or other amenities, state it clearly. Research says users are more likely to buy online if shipping is free, and if there are other benefits.

Streamline your site. Internet users have a very short attention span. If your landing page doesn't load within 30 seconds, then a user is likely to just navigate elsewhere. So make sure that your website and landing page load up quickly. Again, dispense with the heavy animations, videos and other media. If these are necessary to your sales presentation, keep them in a separate page, where users can access them without having to automatically load.

Offer secure payment services. Users are turned off if they are unfamiliar with your payment processor. These days, the most popular is PayPal and buyers will likely trust you better if you use PayPal or similar card processors, since they would never have to directly share with you their credit card information.

Display important information. Before a prospective buyer makes a purchase, he or she would like to know the specifications of a product, where it will be shipped from, how long it will be shipped, and other such details. Be sure to include these details prominently on your landing page.

Include contact information. Buyers will be more comfortable transacting with entities that they can get in touch with in case something goes wrong. Be sure to leave your contact email, telephone number and even business address, to assure customers you are a valid business entity.

Improving conversion rates is all about helping set the mindset of a prospective buyer. Guide your buyer through a sale, assure him or her that you will deliver as promised, and give your buyer a pleasant browsing experience. With these, your online sales will improve.


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