How To Introduce People as an Emcee

As an emcee, your job is to keep a program event going smoothly. It’s your job to let the people know what’s coming up next, make a short introduction on the purpose of the event as well as help keep the attention of the audience up. You will make announcements and introduce the important people at a given event, be it a speaker, guest of honor or the bride and groom. Although you have control of the microphone, the event isn’t about you so don’t take it as a moment to practice your standup routine.

When introducing people at an event, there are some things to keep in mind to make sure you don’t commit any faux pas. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Know what the event is about. When asked to host an event, you must first know what the party or get-together is for. Is it a wedding wherein you have to introduce the bridal party? Is it a forum wherein you have many speakers you have to introduce to the audience? Is the event a beauty pageant? There are many events that will require an emcee. As art of your preparation, you want to know who the audience will be, who the speakers or guest or honor are and what they will be doing. This will help you tie in the purpose of the speaker at the event.
  • Know whom you are supposed to introduce. Your primary job as emcee is to make introductions of the people onstage during an event. Know what they look like and how to same their name properly. If it is a foreign sounding name, you may want to rehearse how to say the name fluently. Be sure you use the correct title or designation when making the introduction. The program coordinator should give you a list of the names of the people you will introduce.
  • Have a basic script to follow. You need a basic sequence of events that will show you the flow of the program. This way, you will call out your introductions in the proper order. It is quite embarrassing to call out a person’s name and find out it is an entirely different person who has walked onstage.
  • Say the names correctly. If you’re not sure how the names are pronounced, ask the person and write it down phonetically so you don’t embarrass yourself or the speaker by saying it incorrectly. Rehearse the way you say the name so that it sounds natural and not stilted.
  • Make it short and simple. As en emcee, your job it to help keep the program interesting and lively. When making your introductions, try to keep it concise. Avoid making highly personal and potentially embarrassing anecdotes about the person you will introduce, even if you know the person very well. Remember, although all eyes are on you, the event isn’t about you. It’s about the person you will introduce.

It takes special skill to act as an emcee. You must be comfortable speaking in public and you must be able to put an audience at ease. If you do your job well, the audience will be entertained, the guests of honor will appreciate your efforts and the program will go off without a hitch.


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