How To Layout a Tri-Fold Brochure

The tri-fold is the most common type of fold used in brochure printing layouts, so it is good to know how to design this style of brochure effectively. When designed well, the tri-fold brochure can be a great sales tool that draws people in and sells your product.

Step 1

Download a Template
To make sure the final product looks the way you design it, start with a template from your printer. This way you can be sure you have everything lined up correctly. The template will tell you where the trim line is, which is the actual size of a finished brochure. You will need to put all your important images and text within the trim lines. But, you will need to extend the background colors and the edges of your image past the trim line, all the way to the bleed so there is no white on the edges of your finished brochure printing. The template will also show you where the folds are so you can avoid running your text into a crease.

Step 2

Put Your Logo, Image, and Headline on the Cover
The front cover of your brochure is the most important part of your brochure printing because the cover is what gets people to pick up your brochure and consider reading it in the first place. For the most impact, the front cover shouldn't be cluttered with too much stuff. Stick to one great image, your logo, and a headline that entices people to look inside. 

Step 3

Put Your Contact Info on the Back
The back of the brochure is the best place for contact information because people are used to finding it there. Be sure to include all of the ways people can contact you, such as location address, mailing address, all of your phone numbers, fax number, Web site, e-mail, and any social media contact information.

Step 4

Draw People in with the Inside Flap
The inside flap can have more text than the front cover, but it shouldn't have too much. Just give enough information to make them want to read more. Tell about one of the best ways your products or services can benefit customers.

Step 5

Use the Inside Panels to Organize Info
Once the brochure is opened all the way, there are three folds that you can use to organize your information. You can put one subheading at the top of each fold and several bullet points under each. This layout is best if you have a lot of information you want to share in your brochure. 

Step 6

Use the Page as a Whole for Impact
If you don't have much information to put in your brochure printing, a second option is to use the full page. With this layout, you can put a large photograph or graphic that has a lot of impact. Then you can put text over it, but not so much that you cover too much of the image.


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