How To Lead a Business Project Online

With today's technological advancements like the Internet, the workspace is no longer limited to a constricted office cubicle or boardroom with all employees present and following a strict work schedule. Anyone can basically work or set up a business project from anywhere and have people working from different locations, in different time zones. Being able to do this helps with the company's productivity and efficiency that so many businesses are actually embracing this system.

To handle work or a business project online requires a few set-ups. Follow this simple guide to kick off your online project ventures:

1.      You must first have a good Internet connection, as online access is, of course, the key to all of this, helping you widen your business scope.

2.      You must be familiar with the tools you will use online. You will basically need to sign up for some services or have these application software installed on your computers. These tools will be what you will use to oversee how your projects are progressing. These tools will also keep your virtual office running.

3.      Sign up for an account with Google. This would be very helpful, as you will use most of the things you need from this site:

  • Gmail - for a bigger inbox space. Gmail also incorporates many of the other services you can easily use for your online projects.
  • Docs - for sharing project documents with your team or your clients.
  • Talk - for instant messaging service (also incorporated on Gmail).
  • Picasa Web Album - for sharing photos with your team or clients.

Look into each site for the features offered by the service. The basics on how to use these are actually also properly defined from the websites. Make sure that other people on your team also have their own accounts on it.

4.      Your other options may include services like Yahoo Messenger or Skype. These are instant massaging services you can use to talk, coordinate, share files and virtually have a project meeting online with your staff or clients. These applications are free to use and very easy to install on the computer.

5.      Open accounts with social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook. Companies now make use of these as tools for marketing, resulting in a more successful project venture. These social networking sites help you keep in touch with your staff, your clients, and a host of other possible business projects. They also provide a proper gauge for getting feedback from the market.

6.      Lastly, create a simple website for your business project. This will basically be your physical presence online. Websites today are now simpler and cheaper to set-up so this should be no problem.

7.      On your website, have everything outlined properly by putting up the following:

  • Your profile
  • The service you offer
  • Your product gallery
  • Your rates
  • A feedback form

The great thing about having websites is that you can actually incorporate most of the tools already mentioned previously. You can put up your Gmail address on it, stream your Twitter status updates, show whether you are online on Yahoo Messenger, or put up your Facebook profile for clients and coworkers to add.


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