How To Learn About Data Services Corp USA

Data Services, Inc. is a private company that started out in 1967. The main office is located in Maryland, Salisbury. This data community provides marketing services, such as data entry, data warehousing, list enhancement, postal presorting, e-mail services, data merchant services and a lot more. They provide these services mainly to the United States of America and Canada but they can also provide these services internationally. Data Services has been a leader in providing these types of services worldwide.

Here is more information about Data Services:

  • Address Hygiene. One of the services of Data Services is Address Hygiene or data cleaning. This service is very ideal for big companies who make use of delivering mails to their clients. The invalid addresses are handled by the Address Hygiene and are filtered out so that the company can save funds for delivering mails to invalid addresses. Address Hygiene is also applicable with online mails.
  • E-mail services. This is another popular service of Data Services. They customize e-mails depending on the needs of your company. Some of the features of the e-mails that they can provide include campaign e-mails (newsletters and announcements), pre-determined e-mail sending, various messaging formats (HTML, AOL, attachments, text, multi-part MIME), list segmentation, customized e-mail headers and many more.
  • Data entry. Data Services provides quality services when it comes to data entry. They can handle big projects that will surely be done within the time frame needed. Not only that, they finish the work with the best quality. Their employees are experienced in USA and international standards. The project can be submitted back to your company through e-mail or file transfer protocol.
  • List rental fulfillment. Rental fulfillment has been in the services of Data Services for more than twenty years. This service is not only for companies, but also for consumers. Some of the services included in list rental fulfillment include different list types, tracking of orders, order turnaround, setup and updating and online rental solutions.
  • Mail distribution. Aside from other marketing services provided by Data Services, they also provide mail distribution. This can be done with laser or inkjet printing, letter services, mail distribution services and information and consulting services for different countries worldwide.

These are some of the services that are provided by Data Services. The company is also participates in the Direct Marketing Association, Canadian Marketing Association and the International Mailers’ Action Group.

If you are looking for direct marketing services that your company needs, you can trust Data Services to do the job as the company is the leader in this area. You can visit the company’s official website at On the website, you will also find helpful links that you can use in direct marketing campaign or data trading, such as the website of the United States Postal Service or the International Mailers’ Advisory Group. The company has been developing and adding new systems to their services to further enhance the quality of their output to their clients.


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