How To Learn about Personnel Management

Personnel management is an important part of any organization because they deal with the company's human resources.  Without an effective personnel management system, companies will not be able to provide the proper services to support their labor force.  An unhappy labor force will be detrimental to a company’s growth and development.

Human resources management is the alternative term for personnel management. Anything to do with personnel business or implementation of personnel policies falls on the HR department.  Some of the responsibilities of this department are:

  1. Establish policies and procedures related to employee management.
  2. Prepare and disseminate the employee handbook.
  3. Recruit new employees.
  4. Keep records of employee personal data.
  5. Manage employee compensation and benefits.
  6. Train and develop existing employees.
  7. Handle career development as well as competency mapping and personnel planning.
  8. Manage employee performance evaluation and appraisal.
  9. Handle promotions, transfers, redundancies and exits.
  10. Supervise industrial and employee relations.
  11. Provide employees with opportunities for counseling and support.

Learning about the personnel process and staff personnel management greatly depends on your objective.  Do you want to learn about it in the hopes of making a career out of personnel management?  Are you a professional looking to switch to a different area of work like HR?  Maybe you are already in human resources and would like to further your knowledge of the field. 

Here are some ways to learn about personnel management:

1.    Take up a four-year course on personnel management in a university or college of your choice.  If you are a professional or a graduate of a college course, you can attend a master program on human resource management.

2.    Apply for a distance learning course online in human resource training.

3.    Attend training programs provided by consultants on human resource topics.

4.    If you are working in an organization, cross train in your personnel department to find out what they do.

5.    Find reading materials regarding personnel management including books, magazines, e-books, and other publications.

6.    Become a member of a human resource organization to gain access to their conferences, workshops, forums, webcasts and other resources including access to their partner organizations.  Here are a few of the personnel management groups you may want to look into:

  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • The Human Resource Planning Society
  • International Public Management Association for Human Resources

7.    Look for online resources on different aspects of personnel management.

When it comes to ‘people issues’ the personnel department is the lead department in any company or organization tasked to address these concerns.  Effective personnel management is vital in supporting an organization in accomplishing its mission and vision.  The HR department is the liaison between the employees and management.  Their goal is to ensure that the employees’ welfare and concerns are attended to, provide training and development for all employees and provide a good working environment.  Human resources practitioners should always stay on top of their field to ensure that employees stay happy and content in the workplace.


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