How To Learn About the Petroleum Industry

Are you a newbie in the petroleum industry? Do you want to learn more about it? The best way to succeed in this kind of business is to know both its academic and practical bases. Learning from the basic facts to the most complicated ones is very easy. You may learn through books, online tutorials, e-books, DVD knowledge keys, or by simply surfing the Internet. However, if you prefer active learning, you may participate in seminars, workshops, or trainings provided by leading companies in the petroleum industry. Here are some companies that offer seminars or trainings about petroleum:

  1. Hot Engineering. Austria is the home base of this company. For more than 20 years, this company has attained and used highly developed technologies for petroleum and gas. Hot Engineering has trained almost 4,000 individuals covering different nationalities and races. It held numerous public courses all around the globe. Hot Engineering is the leading training provider for clients coming from Africa, Middle East, Europe as well as the United States of America. During its years of stay in the business, it has provided training in the following fields: Petrophysics, Reservoir Engineering and Management, Pipeline Industry and Operations, and Geology.  Currently, Hot Engineering is providing seminars covering each of the following topics: Business Management in Petroleum covering topics such as economics and business industry sector, decision analysis, and resource estimates; Drilling with the topics such as offshore drilling and petroleum reserves; and Geology covering the following topics: gas development and petroleum production.
  2. OPITO (Oil and Gas Academy). Entrepreneurs and petroleum employers established this academy to keep pace with the dynamic needs of the changing petroleum world. OPITO offers high quality educational training. It provides trainings that cover both theoretical and practical keys to the petroleum industry. Unlike other companies, OPITO gives you the chance to work with other academic organizations and co-training providers. It works with chains of training industries like TechFest-SetPoint to produce top quality work force. OPITO focuses on the training of the following areas: contemporary apprenticeship, product certification, opens learning, and skill testing. The database of OPITO provides news archives and events updates pertaining to the field of petroleum and gas.
  3. PEICE (Petroleum Institute for Continuing Education). For more than 11 years in the business, PEICE has provided trainings, luncheons, conferences, and short courses to millions of petroleum workers and business individuals. It offers flexible learning experiences like one-on-one online training. PEICE provides small and large group learning experiences as well. To ensure excellent training, it strictly follows “16 students per class” rule. Unlike other training providers, PIECE provides courses that offer logical explanations about commercial, comprehensive, and strategic issues in the petroleum industry. It guides students with the major stages of the petroleum exploration. PEICE aims to build links with other training providers to make sure that it gives its students sufficient materials and quality training grounds.

Learning about the petroleum industry is a fun and profitable venture. If you want to start a petroleum business, check the above listed companies. They are only waiting for your knock to keep ideas flowing from their gadgets to your brain cells.


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