How To Learn Business Process Mapping and Integration

In today’s era of economic recession, stricter regulations, and highly competitive markets, business process mapping, management and integration could spell the life or death for your company. The quicker you can attain your goals and targets whilst saving on operating costs and improving customer satisfaction is what every business needs to survive and succeed. Mapping out your business processes is quintessential to your vision of what and where you want your company to be in the future.

Identification and Evaluation

The first step to your company streamlining its processes is to identify the roadblocks of your daily business operations. The most efficient way to do this is to create a diagram or flowchart of your existing business processes. Microsoft Visio is one of the more popular, easy to use flowchart software that can assist you in this task. By creating a process diagram, you can see the whole flow of your operations and identify issues in operational procedures. You can now evaluate what processes you can automate through software, business systems, and engineering that will provide easier process management, significant reduction in operating costs, and get to your company’s goals quicker. Thorough evaluation of your processes will also enable you to develop an improved business strategy as well. Sometimes it is tough to identify and evaluate your processes. It does make sense to get some business consulting and strategic planning assistance from professionals very knowledgeable in business process management. In some cases, it might be smart and cost-effective to outsource some of your business processes to organizations already experienced in these areas as they have already found the most effective way to streamline operations.

Implementation and Integration

Once you have identified and evaluated your company’s business processes through process mapping, implementation and integration is your next step. If your company adheres to various compliance regulations such as ISO, LEAN, or Six Sigma, make sure that the changes you have made to your business processes are parallel to these regulations. This will make it easier for you to train your people and choose the right business process management software.

Developing or purchasing business process management software in line with your business process is a key ingredient to success. Successful companies always boast of powerful automation or engineering software and hardware as the cornerstone of their success. In fact, any automation of processes will likely guarantee less costs and a higher level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. There are thousands of companies, regardless of field, that can develop customized automation software for the specific business process your company is moving into. All you have to do is evaluate if the software is the perfect fit for your strategies, scalable, and cost-effective in the long run.

Training is your final step to complete implementation and integration of your improved business process. Normally, people are resistant to change, but since you have already visually mapped out the process and procedures they will adhere to and have already integrated automation strategies and software, training your people and getting them to believe in your processes should be a walk in a park.

Business process mapping and management is essential in a company success. It provides you a more detailed visualization on what your company is doing and where you are heading. The survival and success of your company will depend on how fast you can gain the desired position in your specific markets. Mapping, evaluation, implementation, and integration of your business process are what you have to do to achieve that.


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