How To Learn More About the Second Amendment Foundation

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of The United States declares that since a militia is necessary to protect the interests of a sovereign country, nonmilitary people living in that country will not be banned from owning and carrying guns.  The amendment is meant to protect the people from being turned upon by their own military, as was the situation in our turn around against the military of Great Britain. To learn more about this amendment to the Constitution and how it has affected law in The United States you could look up online or at law libraries, which are open to the public at most court houses, rulings made by the Supreme Court to challenges of the second amendment.

The SAF or the Second Amendment Foundation is a gun rights group started in 1974 by Alan Gottelieb.  It is a non-profit corporation located in Bellevue, Washington and has led the fight for the right to keep and bear arms through publications and legal action.   If you would like to know more about SAF, their website is online at The many challenges over the years has led gun rights advocates to band together to fight infringements of their Constitution protected civil liberty.

Those who are willing to fight for their interests in bearing arms are known as gun rights activists.  You can learn more about them by contacting their organizations and asking for their newsletters.   They have regular meetings and publish their group’s policies and current events for all of their members.  Their mission appears to be to stop any local court of initiating a law that could be considered an illegal action against a constitutional right.  Laws that could mitigate constitution amendments or amendment law can by law only be heard by the Supreme Court of The United States although many areas have passed laws infringing on the second amendment.

The fourth amendment can be studied by looking into The Bill of Rights.

The fourth amendment to the Constitution of the United States states that no legal entity can search the private property of a person without having sufficient cause to believe that the person has in his person or property what the legal entity is claiming to be illegal.    This amendment guarantees people from any and all unlawful searches.  Many gun rights activists claim that the fourth amendment guarantees them also the right to carrying a concealed gun.

To find out how this amendment affects the SAF foundation consider news articles regarding the gun policies written about carrying exposed guns and gun safety in private homes.  The sixth amendment to the Constitution of the United States protects all people charged with a criminal offense to a speedy trial and to a lawyer.  Obviously, that protection was to insure that a person charged would not sit in jail for years waiting to have his case heard, a practice that some gun rights activist claim is used to discriminate against their members.

This amendment can be further studied in criminal court cases reported by local bar associations.  The fourth and sixth amendments protect the rights of people from courts that may be acting contrary to Constitutional law which the SAF may consider to be sufficient protection for those who may be involved in criminal acts involving guns.


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