How To Learn what Food Management Companies Do

Food management companies provide a variety of services to the food industry. The companies offer food services to restaurants, hotels, schools, and correctional facilities. Many of the food management companies perform outsourcing duties for these businesses. In the process, the food management company helps the business to reduce their operating costs. Food service management companies also provide consulting services for the food industry. Some companies provide the restaurant industry with food service directors and other personnel.

Start out by reading information about the food management companies on the internet. Go to and type the word “contracts” in the search box at the top of the page. Review some of the articles to learn or understand what food management companies do. Use this website as a resource for future information on the subject.

Visit a local community college or university in your area and check to see if there are classes that are available that you can take. Check to see if you can find a degree or diploma program the offer courses in food management services or a similar field of study. Expect to learn concepts in food management, menu planning, and safety objectives. Employee management is another area that food management companies specialize in. Some companies may specialize in a certain area (i.e. fruit management, or beverage management). Also, a food service management company will hire a chef to work for a restaurant.

You can also simply call a food service management company and interview key personnel and ask them questions. For example, call 1-800-ARAMARK and ask to speak to Jeff Wheatley. Jeff is the president of the schools division of Aramark Corporation which is probably the largest food management company for grades K thru 12. In 2004, the company managed 420 school districts contracts in several states. You can also learn what food management companies do by going to their website. Log on to and click on the “About ARAMARK” red and white tab. Read the information below the Aramark picture and you will find 12 red links that will inform you about what a food management company do.

Try to seek employment with a food management company. This is probably the best way to really understand what food management companies. The first step would be to find out what company manage the schools lunch program and apply for a job with that company. Or you can check with a local hotel and find out which company manage the food and beverage services and apply for a job. This process will also work for correctional facilities and hospitals in some areas of the country. There are several ways to find out what food management companies do and one of the best ways is to do research.


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