How To Liquefy Coconut Oil

In the East, people call coconut the tree of life. Definitely, there are good reasons for that. This tree of the tropics has more uses than any other plant on the planet. From the roots up to highest frond, people in different countries where these are commonly found have used every part of the coconut. Although coconut oil is certainly not a new discovery, it is only now that the peoples of North America and Europe give so much attention to it. In the tropical countries, especially those dotting the Pacific and in Southeast Asia, it has long been used primarily for cooking purposes. Aside from this, the oil has also been used for medicinal and hygienic purposes.

The craze over coconut oil and its benefits have led many traders to import it and bring it over to countries with much cooler climates such as the US. While the low temperatures do not alter the healthy contents of the oil, these can solidify it. Solidified coconut oil is certainly not nice to take by the spoon. Some people do not like its smell already and they will surely abhor having a mass of it. It is like swallowing a piece of lard. If you happen to have your coconut oil solidified, you can just follow these simple ways to liquefy it:

  1. Do not take out the coconut oil from the jar. Just leave it in its container. It is not supposed to be stored in a refrigerator but if you did, take it out from there.
  2. If the weather is warm and sunny, place the jar by the window in which a good amount of sunlight goes through. Better still, bring the jar outside and leave it under the direct heat of the sun. Leave it there for an hour or until you have noticed that the coconut oil has melted totally, which means that there are not a single white mass floating
  3. Leaving it under the sun is a much better way than heating the oil in a pan. If you heat it through a pan, you may just unnecessarily cook the oil. If this happens, some of the properties beneficial to your health may be lost in the process.
  4. If there is no sun around, you may also liquefy the coconut oil by setting its jar in a pot of hot water. Do not put it in boiling water or heat the container over a flame, as this will cook the oil too. At 78 degrees, the oil should melt already.

With more scientific studies made on the wonders of the coconut oil, explanations about its benefits have become more believable for the people of the West. What was once thought as superstitious exaggerations of the coconut oil’s positive effects to the human body has now been proven as scientific truths. These are not just theories made by nutritionists. There are actual proofs and testimonials of persons who have experienced the advantages it gives to their health.


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