How To Load a Garvey Pricing Gun

Pricing guns are used to make printing and applying price labels easier and faster. This handy tool is used in shops and stores around the globe. Like a hand-held printer, the labels and ink cartridges need to be replaced and replenished. Garvey Products, Inc. is one of the many manufacturers of retail supplies.

The instruction below is for the new Garvey G series pricing gun.

Loading Fresh Labels

  1. Turn the pricing gun upside down. Open the bottom assembly hatch by pressing the slide cap lock toward the direction of the arrow. The slide cap lock is located at the broad side of the pricing gun just below the straight edge where the cover is.
  2. Open the assembly hatch and drop the fresh label roll with the backing tape side up. The end of the extended tape should be away from you.
  3. Pull about a length of label tape (about 8 to 10 labels) out of the roll. Close the assembly hatch and push it down until it snaps. Make sure that the strip you pulled is under the assembly cover and sticks out.
  4. Hook the extended part of the label behind the guide posts located at the front end of the assembly hatch.
  5. Bend the pulled strip back toward you. You should be looking at the row of individual labels. Feed the strip down into the bottom drive assembly. You can see feed rollers (drive wheels) in the bottom drive assembly which is part of the assembly hatch. You should insert the strip between these 2 rollers. An “Insert Label” mark is printed on the pricing gun.
  6. Squeeze the pricing gun handle so that the strip can advance through the bottom drive assembly. Continue to squeeze the handle until the labeler aligns with the proper area to print. You can now start printing.

Loading A New Ink Cartridge

  1. Open the front cover to access the ink cartridge.
  2. The ink cartridge holder is attached to the cover. Pull the cartridge holder up.
  3. Squeeze the carriage tabs located at both ends of the ink cartridge. Pull up and out to release the cartridge from its holder.
  4. Insert a fresh ink cartridge in place and push the holder down. Close the front cover.

Proper maintenance will guarantee that you will use your Garvey pricing gun for a long time. Make sure that you use a Garvey price label roll compatible with your pricing gun model. Unwrap a fresh ink roller only when you are ready to use it. Just like any other tool, do not drop the pricing gun to insure that it functions properly.


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