How To Locate Accounts for Vending Machines

There is a man behind every vending machine, metaphorically speaking. The vending machine may look as if it has dropped into the street corner out of nowhere, but these are actually business ventures for people and companies. Like any other type of business, there are risks that you have to gamble on when it comes to vending machines. If the location is good, you win and get to profit from people who need a quick chocolate bar, tissue pack, or whatever product you sell in your vending machine. If not, you lose.

Vending machine business owners always look for the right accounts and locations for their units. Doing this may entail some effort, but it will be much more difficult for you to operate and maintain your vending machine without an account. Looking for the best accounts is as not as difficult as most people imagine. You simply need to consider the following:

  • Business letters. To find an account for your vending business, you can have printouts of your business' brochure and mail them out to your prospected businesses and locations. You can include a sign-up form in the letter as well as a return postage stamp. The logic is simple – if they send back the form, they are more likely to be interested with the service. Therefore, you can proceed with closing the deal for the account with just a few more calls.
  • Phone transactions. Though sending business letters can be an affordable way to find an account for you, the response of businesses and locations that you contact through mail can take time. Therefore, if you want a quicker way to settle your vending machine accounts, use the telephone to contact companies, locations, and entrepreneurs that may need vending machines. Through the call, you can ask the officer certain pertinent questions such as the type of vending machines they already have, the price they are willing to offer, the products that will be placed in the vending machine, as well as other necessary information. You can even evaluate the feasibility of successfully installing a vending machine in a given area, through the use of the phone.
  • Personal visits. Though this requires much of your effort, this is often the most effective strategy in locating accounts for your business. Visit a company that needs or can profit from vending machines and talk to the company’s manager. Do your research on the company or location that you will propose your vending machine deal to. For example, if you have full-size vending machines, you need to transact and make proposals only to businesses or locations that have more than 30 employees or people coming in and out of the location on an hourly basis. Without this type of traffic, the vending machine will not be able to generate sufficient traffic.
  • Locator services. This is another way of looking for accounts but this requires a fee that you pay to the service providers who will look for locations or businesses that you can transact with. Since people in this field have experience in searching for contacts, you can be assured that you will find someone to deal with in no time. However, be very careful in choosing locator services. Make sure they are reputable and knowledgeable in your field before closing a deal with them.

Easily succeeding in a vending machine business can be done if you know the best spots to place your machines on, and the best people to manage these machines. With these tips in mind, you will be able to do just that.


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