How To Locate Consumer Law Resources

Consumer protection laws are the regulations that were implemented to make sure that different businesses are not engaging in unlawful practices and taking advantage of their competitors. The laws are also there to protect consumers from unfair business procedures. Consumer law covers different topics, such as fraud, consumer's rights, product liability and misinterpretation.

To know more about consumer law, you can check different resources. Here are some ways on how you can gain more information from different consumer law resources:

  • Books. There are various books that cover the different topics in consumer law. These consumer education books can be bought from any bookstore. Some of them were written to easily be understood by consumers. Some of the books that you can purchase include Consumer Protection Law in a Nutshell by Gene A. Marsh, Everyday Law for Consumers by Michael. L. Rustad and Consumer Rights Law by Margaret Jasper. You can purchase some of these books, as they are great resources for consumer law. You can read on different cases of consumer fraud and different customer laws.
  • Internet. Another good resource for consumer laws is the Internet. You can visit a lot of law and government websites that offer complete information on consumer laws. One great website to visit is This website has consumer law codes and statutes, other websites that have consumer laws, news, and some articles. Another good website is This is the official website of the Federal Trade Commission of America. They have a whole section dedicated to consumer protection. You can file complaints, learn about businesses and get links to other resources.
  • NACA (National Association of Consumer Advocates). The official website of this organization is NACA is an organization made up of mostly consumer law lawyers. NACA is also a great source of information related to consumer court rights. What you can do is to participate in public campaigns and attend events conducted by the organization. You can learn more about the advocacy of NACA by logging on to their website.
  • Consumer law attorney. To know more about consumer laws, you can directly ask a consumer law attorney regarding the different issues. There are lawyers who are dedicated to protecting consumers from various violations. If you are looking for attorneys you can talk to, you can visit the website On this website, you will see the Consumer Protection Act and the Consumer Credit Protection Act.

These are some of the resources where you can get consumer law resources. As a consumer, it is important to be aware of the different laws that protect you from illegal business procedures of businesses who are taking advantage. If you are being violated by certain businesses, you can ask for help from consumer law lawyers so that the problem can easily be fixed.

There are consumer activists that help in asserting consumer rights. Consumer activism pushes to make products and services of different businesses have the best quality, be available to consumers and be safe.


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