How To Locate Law Books

When you need to locate law books, one of the quickest ways to find what you are looking for might be to use the Internet. If you intend to purchase law books, you will find several sites that probably offer what you need. Some sites advertise they will even include shipping if you spend over a specific amount of money. Realize that used as well as new books are offered on certain sites. Most of these sites include a toll free telephone number if you feel you need to speak to someone before making a purchase.

  • Another place to purchase law books may be through your local college book stores. If the college book store does not have the books you want on hand, in most cases books can be ordered and received in just a few days. It has been my experience that the order must be paid for before it will be placed.


  • If you don't want to actually purchase law books but would like to view current information on a particular subject, you may find the book you need in a local law library. If there are universities in your area that offer law classes, some law books will be on hand for reference. Don't forget to check the community college libraries, and any city libraries that are near you. Some libraries will borrow a book for you from another library location if you have the time to wait.


  • Many county seats will have a law library with employees who may help you find books you are looking for.  These books are for reference only, and can't be removed from the library. The offices are normally open Monday through Friday during regular business hours.


  • What if you just want to view what a law book includes, and would be happy to read it online? Try the Law Library of Congress.  This may have more information than you are looking for, but it will probably be quite an adventure.


  • Call a law firm in your area to ask if you would be allowed to view a particular law book they possess. This is another situation where you may not be able to borrow the book, but at least you might be allowed to view it in the attorney's office. An attorney at the firm may be the best person to suggest the place to find any books you have difficulty locating.


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