How To Locate Machine Shops for Sale

Finding a machine shop can be quite easy but locating one that is for sale is another thing. Though visiting actual machine shops in your area can be one way to find out if they are for sale or not. You can start with the small shops and then you can move on to bigger ones. Another way to find them could be through contacting local businesses involved in metalworking, fabrication and welding industries because they are most likely offered partnerships by these machine shops for certain projects like outsourcing.
Other places to visit would be those locations which seem to need machining services. You can stop by a shipyard, a dock, private company carports and your local ASE-certified mechanics. It is most probable that machinery owners have offered services to these establishments.

You can check up on very specialized and specific publications that feature metal machining, contract machining and those like local trade newspapers and dock magazines. You can try calling some of those that advertise their sale. If you're not going for small shops but rather big time machine shops complete with all machine grinding procedures, big machine cutters, etc., then it would be a good idea to check online. Here's how to find machine shops on sale through the Internet. is one of the best websites to check if you are looking for those high profit machine shops. The establishments for sale also have their site indicated to make it easier for interested buyers to know which continent, country, state or city the business is located. Each of these businesses has brief information about their company, when it was established, what services they offer, how many people work in the corporation, how much area it covers, and how much assets they have. The site also indicates how much the owners are asking for their businesses. It has a sorting feature, which can help buyers to easily filter among the offered businesses. They can sort it by listing age – when it was posted, industry – but in this case, we only have one industry which is manufacturing or machine shops, location – whether the business is in China, the United Kingdom, etc., and lastly the price range – which can either be from low to high or vice versa.

Another great website you can visit is Like, they also give the same information except in this other website, the business' annual revenue and cash flow are indicated. Some companies also disclose other information like net profit and total debt, which are vital details you need to know in order to decide if you are going to buy it or not. Another feature of the site is that it gives information like if the business is leased, if it's going bankrupt or not, if it's a franchise, if it's home based, etc. And unlike, you can automatically email or contact the seller through the site by leaving a message at the bottom of the post.

If you still can't find the machine shop that you desire then another choice would be to check on or


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