How To Lose Your Remote Work Arrangement

For some people working at home is a big convenience. Just imagine you do not need to doll up, commute, or worry if the traffic is horrible. The only dilemma that you might experience when working at home is when your computer crashes, your electricity goes off, and your Internet connection sucks. But despite the expediency that you get from working at home or telecommuting, the excitement of going back to the corporate world and having your own cubicle at the office is undeniably missing.
Hence, if you have plans of quitting your home based job and go back to the real world, here are some tips on how to wreck your remote employment.

  • Do not accomplish or perform any task or job at all. This is the simplest way out for your boss to remark that you are losing concentration and importance with your remote job. If this becomes a routine, you might lose not only your work but the company’s client as well.
  • Position yourself and your computer in an earsplitting background during conference and client calls. When working home based, one of the company’s distresses is if there’s any background clatter. You will identify that they will be pissed off when they begin complaining that they hear dog barks, loud radio and television noise, and babies crying, among others.
  • If you know that your boss will irritate you about the report or job he assigned to you, never pick up or answer the phone. Turn off your cell phone too. But be sure to face the consequences of your actions.
  • Answer your boss’ emails after two or three days, better yet ignore his emails as well as the client’s emails. Disregard also his messages in yahoo ID, GMail Talk, and in Skype, among others and tell him that you are having an intermittent connection.
  • Go on leave without informing anyone in the virtual office. Definitely a suspension is waiting for you once you are back.
  • Use your company’s emails to send personal emails to friends and loved ones. We all know that this is a no-no so again breaking some rules is a sure hit that they want you out of the organization.
  • Log in late in the time system and log out fifteen minutes earlier before your shift ends. They will become aware that you are always behind schedule.
  • Use the same reasons when you cannot go to work or go online. Same excuses that usually work are bad connection, your village had a black out, you’re not feeling well, and many more.
  • Lastly, do not turn on your computer. Management would realize that you are becoming a drawback instead of an asset and will later conclude to fire or terminate you.

Nevertheless, before thinking of giving up the comforts of working at your own home, doing tasks while in your pajamas, and a virtual boss to please, consider first all these luxuries. Perhaps what you truly long for is real people that you can talk face to face and deal with everyday.


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