How To Maintain a Safe Workplace

“Safety First” is an often-heard adage in the construction industry that has now extended into the workplace. Makes sense since keeping an injury-free and stress-free workplace not only protects corporations from liability and lawsuits, it also gives employees a sense of peace knowing their work spaces are zones of Zen.

If you want to know more, here are basic and important tips for a safe or safer workplace:

1.    Keep your workplace clean.

2.    Conduct a fire drill every three months. Your local fire department can conduct this safety drill upon request. Throw in a lesson on how to use a fire extinguisher while you’re at it. Install fire alarms and water sprinklers on every floor of your office.

3.    Buy only fire-proof furniture.

4.    It is important to have all office equipment and machinery properly installed by professionals. Wirings and switches should be well away from foot traffic at your office.

5.    Everyone at your office should know about basic First Aid. Get them educated into the A-to-Z of First Aid immediately.

6.    Maintain a company nurse and a clinic with first aid kits on stock within company premises for emergencies and minor injuries.

7.    In this time of the AH1N1 pandemic, it is prudent to advise your employees about disease prevention such:

  •  Frequent washing of hands.
  • Coughing or sneezing into the crook of their elbows rather than on their hands.
  • Keeping their work places clean by throwing tissue and other refuse into the trashcan.

8.    Create a safety committee at your office to discuss how to maintain a safe workplace. A safety committee can look into possible problem areas and take action before it occurs. It is also advisable to get your employees’ opinions on this matter by way of a suggestion box or an email thread where everyone can participate.

9.    When a new safety policy is enforced at your office, make sure your employees are well-informed about it and will comply with it. Get your employees into training if necessary.

10.    If a machine is unsafe to use, shut it down, have it repaired, or replace it before it injures an employee. On the other hand, it pays to have your office equipment in good working condition at all times as part of your preventive maintenance program.

11.    Make it clear that sexual harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in your office.

12.    Listen to your employees. A constructive feedback mechanism is effective. Maintaining a safe workplace also means caring about what your employees think of your company.

13.    Schedule pesticide misting on weekends or after office hours.

14.    Include a pre-employment medical check-up and an annual medical check-up for your employees to make sure they are healthy for work.

15.    If allowed by law, install security cameras in your office. Doors and exits are well-suited for this surveillance equipment.

16.    If your office is on a high-rise building, make sure the windows locks are secure. You would not want people accidentally leaning on the windows to fall hundreds of feet to the ground.

17.    Get your employees insured in case an emergency hits your office.

A safe workplace is a happy workplace. Keeping your employees informed about safety practices at your office and encouraging them to comply with them for their benefit makes a healthy and wealthy company.


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