How To Make a Binder Book

Bound book

Making a fancy book from a regular office or school binder is an easy project.  Whether you are planning to create a scrapbook or photo album, utilizing or recycling a common binder is an easy and fun project.  It’s so simple that even children can do it.  There are many ways you can decorate or give life to a binder book.  Start the project by getting an old binder, some fabric or contact paper, and craft glue.

  1. Place the fabric you have chosen on a flat surface.  If you don’t want to use fabric, you can opt for some contact paper.  Open the binder and lay it on top of the fabric.  Start cutting the fabric around the binder as this will serve as your binder cover.  Make sure to leave around 3 inches margin on the fabric for wrapping around the binder later.
  2. Snip each corner of the fabric in an angle that will enable you to completely wrap the binder covers cleanly.  In the middle, where the binder clips are located, cut vertical lines on each side at the top and the bottom of the binder.  This will allow you to cover this part of the binder easily.  Trim off the fabric in the middle to ensure that it will not be hampered by the binder clips.
  3. Close the binder and apply craft glue onto the front cover.  Open the folder again and press the front cover firmly onto the fabric.  Leave a heavy book or paper weight on it and let it dry for 15 minutes.  While it is drying, brush a layer of glue onto the excess fabric around the front cover of the binder.  Wrap the fabric around the cover and allow the glue to dry for 15 minutes as well.  Apply the same process for the back cover and the middle.  Allow everything to dry completely for about 30 minutes.  Placing weights on each cover is a smart idea to continuously apply pressure while the glue dries.
  4. After 30 minutes of letting the glue dry, get 2 pieces of decorative paper.  It is highly recommended to use thick paper for this part.  Trim of about 1 inch around each sheet of paper.  Apply glue all over 1 side of each paper and press it firmly on the inside of each cover.  These sheets will serve as the inside cover of your binder.  Allow it to dry for another 15 minutes. 
  5. Get some pre-punched paper or boards and insert them on the binder clips.  Now you have a fully functional binder book which you can decorate to your liking. If you are making a photo album or scrapbook, use acid-free paper to avoid damaging your photos.

Binder books are ingenious ways to create a collection, album, or portfolio of your work or memories.  You can use old binders you have from office or old days from school.  This allows you to recycle things you have junked already.  Decorating a binder book is fun.  Remember to be as creative as you can.


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