How To Make a Brochure for a Daycare Center

Reading a brochure

Daycare centers are more popular than ever because of the demands of dual-working families.  While starting a daycare center is a smart idea, it also involves a lot of time and careful planning.  That is why you want to use the proper tools to market your daycare center in a positive light.

One of the best ways to market your new daycare center is by making a brochure.  Just like any brochure, your daycare brochure should also focus on providing all the important information and details so that prospective parents are left wanting more.

  1. Before starting to make a brochure for a daycare center, it is a good idea to look at other brochures to see what types of information they include.  Take note of the things you like about the brochures, perhaps the use of colors, pictures and font. 
  2. What you choose to write on your brochure is important, but it’s just as important to have eye-catching appeal that makes your brochure stand out.
  3. When you have an idea of how you want to format your brochure, you can then begin taking notes on what you want to say.  Use this as a good opportunity to try out new words and phrases to see how everything flows together.  If possible, have a few parents read and edit your work to make it more desirable and interesting.
  4. When you are ready to begin making a brochure for a daycare center, choose a word processing program on your computer, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Works.  These programs have templates available for a number of projects, including making a brochure.  Click on the brochure template and choose your format.  Some brochures will have six panels, while others will have four.
  5. You can then begin typing in your information.  Remember to include the contact information, as well as other important points for parents to consider such as healthy meal options, educational toys, clean classrooms, and a friendly staff.  As a marketing tool, put important points in bold or italic fonts.  Ultimately, you want to grab the parents’ attention and make your daycare rise above the rest.
  6. Complete your brochure using graphics from Microsoft Word, or copying and pasting pictures from the Internet.  If you choose, you can also upload photos of the staff and daycare location.  Then print off the brochure on colorful paper and fold accordingly.

You are now ready to hand out your brochure to local parents.  Be prepared to handle phone calls and tour requests immediately.


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