How To Make a Business Portfolio

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Creating a business portfolio is the culmination of all of the planning that was part of starting a new business, exacting a measurable profit and becoming a recognizable business name.  Basically, a business portfolio substantiates all that your business encompasses. For freelancers, a business portfolio may be a promotion kit that clearly defines business experience in a more substantial manner than a resume or curriculum vitae can. This type business portfolio should include examples of your service or product and results of your management of the business you are involved in.  For overall business portfolios, many companies include their annual report, their financial track record of profitability and their corporate structure.

Creating a Business Portfolio

The first step to create a business portfolio is to gather the information that will be contained in it.  This needn't be lengthy pages of documentation. The most effective business portfolios are those that are brief and concise.  The next step is to organize information in a format that makes it easy for the reader to find specific information contained within the portfolio. The purpose of a business portfolio is to be able to provide information for financial meetings and executive presentations. Subsequently, the portfolio should be convenient enough to transport in a briefcase.  Some companies choose to provide information to a professional printer who organizes the information, places it in a report format and report brochure with company logo imprinted on the front cover.  Be prepared to have additional copies of the business portfolio.  Very often, it is requested whenever new business is acquired or there is a need for specified information for business expansions.

Choosing the Most Important Information for Your Business Portfolio

There are several important areas of information that should be included in a business portfolio:

  1. Total sales for a 5-year period of time
  2. Past record of growth and future growth potential
  3. Corporate Structure from Executive Board to Operations Officers
  4. List of Client Referrals and/or Statements of Commendation
  5. Brief bios of chief officers
  6. Photographs of the facility, including products or services

Business Presentation Is Everything

How your business portfolio appears upon presentation is key to how well it will be received and the lasting impression it leaves upon the recipient.  Attention to detail is crucial to the overall presentation of your business in your portfolio.  Before distributing it, review it carefully and insure that the picture it creates is accurate.


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