How To Make a Case Study Format

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A good case study will contain information and description about the case for the reader to appreciate the problem the way the writer understood the case. The information must be organized in a way that would present the case clearly. The case study must have enough information so readers will be presented with everything that they need to know about the case. Extensive research has to be done to uncover facts surrounding the case. Use all the resources you can to make a good case study. The information you gather from your research will be presented in a case study format. After gathering all the facts, list down the basic sections and then you can start dividing the information into topics. You can start to add in more sections when the need arises. 

  1. Case Study Title or Heading. The case study title must give some insight on what the problem or case is about. So the reader will be interested to read further into the case study.
  2. Introduction. The introduction should just be as inviting as the title especially when you can expand further and present the case to the reader. You can write a description of the case in the introduction and present a question to the reader. The data you get from your research about the problem will be presented in a general form.
  3. Background. The background section will contain information surrounding the case like the environment, the people, traditions and climate. This will provide the reader with details about the setting where the problem takes place. You should provide readers as much information about the environment so the reader can envision the surroundings and learn about the people and their traditions. You can provide information about what makes the environment unique, so a lot of research has to be done to uncover facts that are not of general knowledge. Do research on elements in the environment that has influence over the case that makes finding a solution challenging. Presenting these details in the background section will inform readers of the factors affecting the case.   
  4. Challenges. This section can also serve as your conclusion to the case study. You can breakdown the problem and present each with unique details. Present the challenges surrounding the case and share your experiences and thoughts when you were researching about the problem. Your analysis will be written in this section and a resolution may be reached but can also leave questions for readers to ponder on.

There is a general format that most people use for case studies but each case study is broken down differently depending on the case and the situations surrounding it.


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