How To Make a Construction Bid Proposal

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The most important thing to remember in writing a construction bid proposal is to  be very detailed in describing what you intend to do for the prescribed amount of money. Don't leave anything out.

  • Don't just say "We will paint the porch". Give a thorough detailed explanation, such as: We will paint the steps, the balusters, the floor of the porch, the baseboard trim around the outside bottom of the porch and front door, and the decorative trim on the far right side of the porch. Many customers will assume that something is included and it may not be.
  • Also indicate how you will be doing the work. Will it be sprayed or painted with brushes?  Are there things you expect the customer to provide, such as a construction dumpster? Will the wood work be scraped before you begin, or are you expected to do it?
  • Stipulate whether or not you expect the customer to provide the materials and supplies or if this will be your responsibility. State whether or not you expect to be reimbursed for extra expenses you may run into while completing the job.
  • Be very clear in stating how long the job will take to complete, your expected start date and your expected completion date.
  • Use a proper construction bid proposal form, these are available at office supply stores. Also include your business card when you submit the form.
  • Indicate the exact address of the property where the work is to be done; this may avoid confusion, especially if it's an apartment building, etc.
  • State how you expect to be paid, no matter what size the job is. If it's a large job indicate what percentage of the dollar amount you will require in the beginning and what percentage of the balance paid on completion will be.
  • If you expect to receive a draw at the mid-point of completion, state when you would like to receive it and how much it will be.
  • If you anticipate that there may be inclement weather that will prevent timely completion of the job, indicate your solution or possible extension of the finish date.
  • State whether or not your company will clean up and dispose of construction debris.

It will be up to you to make sure the work is done on time and according to the customer’s wishes. The more thorough you can be in your proposal the less chance there will be for misunderstandings.


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