How To Make a Custom File Storage Cabinet

Even with the advent of technology, companies are still required to have their own filing system for hard copies. Invitations, bids, company profiles, applicant resumes, magazines, and much more are often kept in storage. Therefore, companies need physical file storage cabinets. These containers are necessary not just for offices, but for houses as well.

Fortunately, people can have the option to make their own custom file storage cabinet. This is usually the choice of those who need special file containers or those who have the skills to create one. You can have a custom file cabinet either by creating it by yourself or hiring someone to build the cabinet for you. Here's how to make a custom file cabinet.

  1. Lay out the plan for your file cabinet. You can get free plans online at a site like this: Most of these plans will include the things you will need to complete the file cabinet like wood, a saw, a drill, a hammer, plywood, nails, pencils, a tape measure, and woodworker's glue.
  2. Cut the needed wood pieces for the storage cabinet. The right measurement is highly necessary to make the right cutting. You will need the tape measure and pencil to make sure that the wood pieces are cut to their right size and shape. Make the necessary curve cuttings as well for the wood pieces. Usually, the custom file storage cabinet will have the wood for the cabinet sides, cabinet doors, cabinet floors, the back support, mounting support and cabinet stand.
  3. Assemble the file cabinet. You should start it by building the sides of the cabinet and the different floors. Get ready with your hammer, nails and wood glue. After assembling the side and the floors of the cabinet, you'll have to install the back support for the cabinet and then the foot or stand and the mounting support. The cabinet floor should follow after that.
  4. Add finishing touches for the file storage cabinet. You'll need sandpaper to give the wood a smoother finish. After that, you can make some wood carvings and then paint the wood with varnish or any wood paint of your choice. After the paint has dried up, it will be time to install the locks or handle for the cabinet doors or drawers.

If you don't have the expertise to make the cabinet, ask assistance from someone who knows how. Better yet, hire a carpenter to do the job for you and just watch how he creates the cabinet. This way, you'll get first-hand experience on how a file cabinet is made.

You may also watch some instructional videos if you prefer doing it yourself. What's important, is that you can create a functional and useful custom file cabinet for your important pieces of information.


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