How To Make a Custom Flyer

When you need to promote a new business, advertise a special sale or new product or announce a new location, printed flyers are an economical way to convey the information.  Many businesses utilize this form of advertising because of the amount of people they can reach at reasonable prices. Other business owners realize that flyers are often kept on desks and in drawers until the service is needed.  Because of the high retention value that a flyer offers it is imperative that you design it well.

  1. Begin with the basics when designing your flyer. Name of company, location, phone numbers and hours of operation must all be included. The name of your company should be large enough to catch their attention but not overbearing.  The second largest item should be the phone number.  Customers will look for an address but automatically want to know whom to call if they have a question.
  2. Your next step is to insert your promotion.  If you are offering a new product or service, make this the centerpiece of your flyer.  Usage of different fonts, line styles and pictures to set this area apart is recommended.  But don’t overdo it, too much information will make it look crowded.
  3. If you have other specials or coupons that you wish to offer, place these at the bottom of your flyer.  If you clutter up the center too much you will lose their attention.  If you have the need to provide extensive information, use the back side of the flyer to make lists.  This way the front is for eye-appeal and the back is information only.
  4. If you use graphics on your flyers make sure they are relevant and not overpowering.  Many times a flyer design is just too complicated and the flyer is discarded. Appropriate graphics are very important to consider.  While you may find a certain icon or graphic charming, it may in fact send the wrong message about your company.
  5. When you print your flyers make sure that you use a little color somewhere in the flyer.  Depending on your budget you may opt for full color printing or for a single color.  If you are on a tight budget it is recommended that you at least use a colored paper with black ink.  Even a hint of color portrays a more professional appearance than just a black and white flyer will to your customer.


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