How To Make a Funny TV Commercial

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An advertising agency is responsible for promoting its client’s business or organization. Different forms of media are used like banners, brochures, video production, radio and television commercials.

To make an effective commercial, it has to be interesting to capture the audience’s attention. When entertained, the audience always remembers the funny facts, and they easily associate these funny facts with the product or service. Even if it is seldom shown on TV, a funny TV commercial is more easily remembered than serious, factual ones that constantly appear. Although appealing models can do the trick, the most common way of attracting an audience is through sense of humor.

Making people laugh is hard, since humor is something that has to come out naturally, not by force. A humor that is forced can be easily noticed by an audience, which may make the commercial appear cheap in quality. Even in a group, comedians are commonly better liked than the serious type.

Here are the steps in making a funny TV commercial:

  1. Know your target market. It is easy to customize your ad if you have determined your target market. Since every person has a different level of sense of humor, what might be funny to you might be irritating to others or offending. They may find your joke simply dumb. Whether your target market is a child, adult, female or male, make sure you make an appropriate joke. If your target is a wider audience, then use general humorous elements that appeal to everybody. It is not that hard to observe which common strings need to be pulled.
  2. Ensure that the ad and the humor are suitable to your product or service that you are offering. Keep the items or services that you are marketing in consideration as well. Is the humor appropriate for the ad?
  3. Make sure the message is still there and conveyed clearly. Although humor makes the ad memorable, never forget why you have created that ad. No matter how funny it is, if the main topic is unclear, then the production of the commercial is senseless. This will only register negative feedback in the mind of the audience.
  4. Make sure your ad tickles the right audience. Although experience is the best teacher, criticism helps improve a person. Share your idea with others and observe their reactions. Moreover, share your funny idea of an ad with your target market. That way, you will find out if your ad appeals to them. Get their comments and suggestions. Whatever they say, use them to improve your commercial, for you to get the proper response later on.
  5. Keep your ad interesting. Even though funny ads affect brand image, don’t use the same old, classic joke over and over again. People will get tired of it eventually. Modify and improvise. Do something new to maintain the audience’s interest.

Television commercial production is quite expensive. And since funny commercials are proven to be most effective, advertising agencies opt for funny ads, whether it be for radio or TV.


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