How To Make a Listing in the Telephone Directory

A telephone directory is sometimes called a phone book or a telephone book. It is a list of the phone numbers of all phone subscribers categorized either per area or according to the type of service these users subscribe to.

To make a listing in the telephone directory involves the following steps:

  1. The telephone company asks subscribers for information that will be placed on the telephone directory. The subscribers will then tell the telephone company the information that has to be included in the list.
  2. Every subscriber is assigned a geographical coverage before having their names listed in alphabetical order. Other data included in the phone book are the telephone number, street address and postal codes.
  3. Some subscribers request that their telephone number be excluded from the directory. In cases like this a notation after their name is added. For instance, in America, they note “unlisted”; in British English, it is “ex-directory”; while in Australia and New Zealand, the notation is “private”.

Although advancements in technology make it possible for telephone directories to become obsolete some day, getting your home or private number listed in the web these days is still important. A directory listing can be an excellent way for businesses to advertise their goods and services, and also makes it easier for the phone book users to find what they need with only a phone call.

Online directories

There are also web pages being made in different countries to allow mobile phones with Wi-Fi to access the directory listings. This not only facilitates easy access to a directory listing but also streamlines the search process – you no longer have to take the giant phone book and pore through pages just to find the phone numbers that you need. There are other mobile devices like the BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone which are compatible with online directories. Another online device, the iDQ Portal, is said a low cost online contact to a database with internationally updated numbers.

Mobility and convenience

What is admirable today is that the conventional telephone directory listing can be improved by online tools in order to facilitate user ease and convenience. For example, the online directory listing will also give an address and a map to show the route to the address. This can be done by inputting the information into the address book of a mobile device.

Reverse searches

Making a listing in a telephone directory allows you to conduct reverse searches through telephone directories where the arrangement of the subscribers’ names is arranged according to the telephone number. The name and address follows after the number. Reverse sorting is used for emergency services to determine the origin of a request for assistance. Directories with this kind of sorting are restricted for domestic use only.

Through these easy steps, you can easily make telephone listings that will open new opportunities for you to contact other people.


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