How To Make a Look Book

A look book is a collection of designs or product lines. It is often used by professionals. Look books are like catalogs or portfolios. Fashion designers often use look books to show off a line of their own designs. They are also referred to as fashion diaries.

If you are in this line of profession, you need to know how to prepare your own look book. Preparing it is actually very easy.

Here are some of the steps on how to make a look book:

Choose some pictures from your collections. The ideas and objective of the designer for the collection is reflected on the pictures. Choose some of the best pictures that you think will show your great ideas for the product line.

Choose some swatches for your collections. Include swatches in your look book. These swatches will give the viewer an idea of the materials that you are going to use for your collections such as the color, texture and fabric.

Choose some sketches from your collections. Sketches may show the viewer your own concept of the ideas being shown in the pictures. Including your sketches may also show your creative and imaginative side.

Gather the all chosen materials for your collections. You do not need to put all the pictures of your product line. You can just choose a selection to put in your look book.

Put the gathered pictures, swatches and sketches in a binder. Using a binder for your look book is a good idea. Use plastic sleeves to hold your pictures and sketches. This way, your collections are safe from wearing and tearing. Also, if you use the plastic sleeves, it will be easier for you to do changes for your selected collection. These plastic sleeves are commonly used by people who are fond of rearranging their look books.

Put your best collection of pictures and sketches on the front page. Choose which pictures and sketches you think are the best among your collections. For each and every category of you product line, prepare a special page for your best collections. This page can make a good impression to the people who are going to look at your look book.

Make a logic sequence for your look book
. Make your look book seem like a story book. Let it tell the story of your success in your chosen field. This can help the viewer see how great your ideas are for the product lines.

If you have plenty of pictures, sketches and swatches for every product line, you can make a series of look books. The more look books you have, the more options the viewers have. This way, you can assure them that you have a wide range of collections that they can choose from. Impress you lookers with your work and great ideas for the collections. Give them the idea that they do not have to go and look for another designer because you already have everything they need.


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