How To Make a Member Certificate for Your Organization

If you are a part of an organization, it is important that you have something that can prove your membership. Identification cards, membership cards, membership pins and other membership tokens are provided when you become a bona fide member of the organization. Also, member certificates are given to members especially when they are being recognized for a position or for something they have done.

If you are given the task of making a member certificate for the organization, you must learn how to easily create one.

Here are the steps on how to make a member certificate for your organization:

Choose the paper size for the certificates. Decide on the size you want for your member certificates. You may choose to fit two certificates on one sheet of paper, or you may make a certificate that will fit the entire sheet.

Choose the program to use for making the certificates. You have to know which program you are going to use in creating the member certificates. Popular computer programs are Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, and the Paint program. If you have the certificate maker software, be sure to install it properly.

Familiarize yourself with the chosen program. You have to know how to use the program you chose for making the certificates. There are certain tools that you have to familiarize yourself with. This will help you work better and faster.

Choose a border for the certificates. After you have chosen the program for making the certificates, you may now start creating them. Open a blank page and start with choosing a border for the certificate. It is better to start with the outer details.

Choose the text format for the certificates. Decide which fonts you are going to use for the certificate. Also decide on the font sizes per text content. This is for the name of the member, the name of the organization, and the other details. Text formatting also includes the line style, color, and text weight (bold, italics, etc.).

Input the information in the certificates. Once you are done choosing the appropriate text format, you may now input the information on the member certificate. Start with the name of the organization at the top. It is ideal that the name is put at the center of the certificate in bold letters. Under the name of the member, insert his/her position if there is any. Use a smaller font for this detail. Insert all the other necessary details before you proceed with the next step.

Insert the designs needed for the certificates. If the organization has its own symbol or logo, it is best that you include it in the member certificate. You may put the symbol or logo beside the name of the organization or anywhere on the certificate. If you have other designs to include, insert them all as well.

Print the certificates. After you are done creating the member certificate, you may now print it using your color printer. You may also use the regular black and white printer if you created a simple certificate.

Save your certificate. Don’t forget to save the member certificate file on the computer. You may do this before or after printing. This is to make sure that you may open the file anytime and use it as a template anytime you need to print another certificate.

If you are creative and imaginative enough, you may also make the certificates with your own hands.


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