How To Make a Million on eBay (Or at Least Make a Business)

eBay has grown into the world's biggest online store, and it keeps growing as more people turn to the Internet to do their shopping and selling.  If you take part in this, you can potentially make huge profits from eBay. If you do things right, you could even end up with a million dollars in your bank account:

  1. If you don’t have a PayPal account, sign up for one.  You need this to conduct your online transactions.  Visit, and have yourself registered by filling out your personal information and bank account number. You might need to input credit card details in order to verify your identity.
  2. Register on eBay and keep your username and password secure.  Know eBay’s rules and regulations.  This will guide you in your transactions and save you from a lot of trouble.
  3. Do some research.  Study your market.  Make use of various online tools.  Find things such as people’s spending habits, what products they buy most frequently, especially products that have high demand but little supply, and products that you can easily source.  Research marketing strategies you could use in selling your items online.
  4. Sell things.  You could sell your own stuff as you do in garage sales.  You could also offer to sell other people’s things.  You could buy from eBay and also sell online at a markup.  Buy wholesale from manufacturers, and sell these retail.  You can also sell rare or hard-to-find items at a discount.  One other good idea is to sell products available only in your area or country but not in the rest of the world.  You can sell antiques and collections to those who love them.  The secret is to meet people’s needs and be creative in marketing.
  5. Learn how to make listings.  Making eBay listings is easy. It’s how you present and write your listing that could make a difference. You can brush up your writing skills, or refer to marketing books on how to write attention grabbing listings. The descriptions should be enticing, but avoid lame phrases such as “unique,” or “the perfect choice.”
  6. Post pictures of your products.  People want to know how your item looks, so that they could judge whether or not it’s a good buy.  Take good pictures with a good camera. You can take photography classes or make use of image editing tools to make pictures more appealing.
  7. Trace your progress.  Monitor how much you’re earning by regularly checking out your statistics displayed in your account.
  8. Cut costs.  Earn more by saving on costs and fees.  Make use of what you have.  For example, to save on shipping costs, you can ask your courier for frequent customer discounts.  Or you can minimize your travel costs by asking the courier to pick up items instead of having to drop by their office.
  9. Build trust.  Make sure that your product is what buyers expect. Ship your product on time and deliver a high-quality product.   Do everything you can to make your customers happy, but be honest and straightforward.  Keep your promises. This way, buyers will send you good feedback.

Be dedicated and remain optimistic.  Success doesn’t come overnight, so be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them.  Never give up!  This is the ultimate secret to success in Ebay selling. Making a million on Ebay may sound ridiculous, but it is possible if you constantly improve your strategies, extend your knowledge and maintain a positive attitude.


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