How To Make a Refrigerator Magnet Advertising a Business

Most advertising nowadays rely on paper like brochures, flyers and leaflets but what most businesses don’t know, paper can get crumpled, thrown around and eventually forgotten – and there goes their advertising! If you are venturing into a business that really works and sells like staple food in the market, get into the refrigerator magnet business. Why refrigerator magnets? Magnets are very useful. People can use them to stick notes on refrigerators, on their work desks and anywhere there’s metal. What does this mean? It means that the companies that enlist your magnet advertisement will more likely have hits on their advertisement every time they open the refrigerator door. More advertisement hits mean good business.

If you’re wondering how to make these refrigerator magnets your advertising business, here’s how:

  • Send out emails about your business. Be sure your business is out in the market before you succeed in getting hired for your refrigerator magnet advertisements. Send out emails to prospective companies and individuals. Be on the look out for events like conventions, elections or campaigns – these events would be perfect customers for the refrigerator magnet business.
  • Don’t make boring conventional shapes. Unless you are making magnets for election campaign materials that need much space for the lettering, don’t stick to the conventional shapes like circle, square and rectangle. You can make the magnets interesting. For example, if you’re making them for a computer company, you can create small computer screens or small mouse as the magnet design. If you’re making magnets for a theater company’s advertising, you can use the theater faces or a tumbler of popcorn for a cinema advertisement would be perfect. Just remember that people will remember the event, place or company more when they see images of them. Besides, interesting magnets are most likely to be kept, used and enjoyed.
  • Add functionality to your magnets. There is nothing like having magnets with multiple functions – advertising, sticking notes and perhaps clipping notes. Add clips or clasps that can be used as holding multiple papers or small plastic bags. You can attach a small bottle opener to the magnets as well. Just remember to keep the additional functions related to the company you’re advertising. Another idea would be attaching the magnets to small notepads where the company’s logo and products are printed. Calendars and small date books are good additions that you can use as well.
  • Remember to keep your magnets simple. Your clients’ advertisement may get lost in too complicated designs so keep your refrigerator magnets simple, stylish and contains the important information about your clients’ businesses.
  • Don’t limit your business to advertising. Refrigerators magnets are not always for campaigns or advertisements. You can make magnets that are decorative that could attract buyers to get them to give as gifts. Flowers, small toy cars, small stuffed toys can be made into cute refrigerator magnets and these are highly saleable to teenagers and those who love crafts.

Don’t lose your focus on how much you can earn in this business. Just remember to add at least a mark up of 30% to the production cost total. Produce sturdy magnets so they would last for a long time and always bear in mind that your clients’ products or services should be dominant in your magnet designs.


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