How To Make a Sample Invoice

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Whatever business you are engaged in, making your invoice is one of the first things that you need to accomplish to make your transactions easy to manage, organize and account. Making a sample invoice is something that is not usually taught in school. While almost everybody has experienced using an invoice or has received one during a number of business transactions and even simple purchases, few actually know how to make these. Here are the easy steps for you to create your own sample invoice from scratch.

  1. Make a draft of the invoice. The first step is creating the map that you will follow in constructing your invoice. There are plenty of ways for you to get ideas on how to fashion your own. You can use the various invoices that you may have accumulated over the years as an example, which will give you a fair idea of what needs to be in the invoice.
  2. Know what to put in it. To be exact, your invoice should have a letterhead, a body, and footer. In the letterhead, you will put the details of your business, including the name, address, and other contact information such as telephone number and website. Be sure that the letterhead has the words "Bill" or "Invoice" placed visibly on the top. For companies that have been allowed to tax the bills that they collect, you should place the tax registration on the letterhead as well. Do not forget the invoice number, which you will have to make yourself and which should never be duplicated on an invoice, and the date. Finally, add the name of the client and the terms of payment used.
  3. Compose the invoice body. The next step is to construct the body of the invoice. In the body, the type of merchandise that you are selling or the type of service that you have conducted should be described in an easy to understand language. It is also important that you indicate the quantity of the product or service, as well as the corresponding measure for it. Add the unit price for the goods, and allocate space for the total price of all the items that have been purchased.
  4. Create the invoice footer. The total sale is usually placed in the invoice footer. If you have been allowed to add the tax to the merchandise, you should also add the computed value of the tax, and indicate it on the invoice. Apart from this, the mode of payment is also present in the invoice, as well as other comments that you may wish to add. Samples of these comments are if the payments are delayed, or if the products are yet to be delivered or made in a commercial contract. The signature of the attendant as well as the buyer should be indicated as well.
  5. You can DIY or be assisted by software. While making your sample invoice does not have to be difficult, and while there are a variety of free software that are widely available for typing these into your computer and printing them out, you can create better invoices using software that have been designed specifically for the job. These are sometimes even bundled with other business tools like accounting software to help the dealer in running the company efficiently. With software for invoice making, you can be assured that your invoice will look elegant, and can even be used as a vehicle for adding marketing elements to help your clients remember your company, or be aware of the other products that you sell. Use reviews to pick the best software.

Whether for selling teddy bears or for dealings with the fuel economy, an invoice is needed. Whatever way you choose to create your sample invoice, with these easy steps you should have a fully functional one in no time.


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