How To Make Additional Income

In this world of upward spiraling prices and wage freezes, the desire and the need to earn additional income is becoming all too real for many people.  Just being able to maintain the status quo may require finding ways to bring a little extra money in every month.  Whether it's a little or a lot, there are a wide variety of possible ways to earn extra income.

  • Many people have found a level of financial success by starting their own online store on EBay or through Amazon.  Selling items that have outlived their usefulness, or taking it a step further and purchasing items to then turn around and resell to other hungry buyers, can be quite lucrative for people with bit of computer savvy and a desire to sell.
  • If the uncertainty of the marketplace is too stressful, choosing a part time job, in addition to the typical nine to five job already being worked, is a popular standard for many people.  Just a few hours a couple evenings a week and perhaps a full day on one of the weekend days can substantially add to the household income.  Finding an area of interest to work in can actually be enjoyable.  For the avid reader, a part time stint at the bookstore may seem more like fun than drudgery.  Working in the gourmet kitchen store is rewarding on multiple levels for those who love to spend their free time in the kitchen.  Part time work can bring more than simply a few extra dollars to the laborer.
  • For the avid hobbyist, turning that personal interest into a paycheck can work out well if a little effort is put into the project.  Are the photographs professional enough to interest a buyer?  Find out by taking them to a consignment store.  There, the photographs can be displayed for potential customers.  No money exchanges hands until the photograph sells, then the shop and the photographer split the sell price by the previously agreed upon formula.  Take a look at hobbies and interests when looking for ways to earn money.
  • Increasing the household income isn't just about going out and earning more money.  Simply eliminating high interest credit card payments each month can put the money previously paid against the interest rate right back into the bank.  Reducing unnecessary spending is a form of earning as well.  A home packed lunch instead of dining out can reduce that expense by half or more.  Relearning to love an ordinary cup of coffee instead of the $4.00 a cup super-deluxe double latte can save at least $2.50 a day.  Do the math, and that adds up to $650 dollars a year.  Any money that's not spent is as good as money earned.


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