How To Make an Advertising Campaign Proposal

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They run for just a few minutes, sometimes a few seconds or even just under a minute, but are they as simple? Advertisements, those eye-catching multimedia displays for promotion of products or services need a lot of hard work in the background before they become reality. Typically, a company that makes products will want to advertise them and they approach an agency to produce advertisements in various forms. Thus begins the story of an advertising campaign. The first step for an advertising campaign is a request for a proposal from a client. In response, the advertising agency sends them an advertising campaign proposal. So, what exactly is this proposal and how to make one?

Advertising campaigns comprise of various elements that make a whole. For example, there is the creative work – where ideas are generated on how to project the product, then the production of the advertisement itself. This happens in various forms such as print media, television, movies; then there is the dedicated marketing track of individual mailers to specific target groups and so on. An advertising campaign proposal takes into account all forms of the advertisement and the amount of work that goes into making them.

It is likely that clients do not have a clear idea of the functioning of advertising agencies and they may carry an impression of knowing the product or service far better than the advertising professional. While this may be true sometimes, most often it is in the client’s best interest to listen to the professionals on how to promote the product or service to achieve client’s final objective.

In preparing an advertisement campaign proposal, advertisers normally consider the following –

  1. A clear understanding of the product or service.
  2. An analysis of the industry as a whole, the client’s standing in that industry and its background, information on competition, unique selling proposition of the client and of the product and its positioning in the market, present and as desired by the client.

Taking into consideration its findings from the above, the agency will prepare a preliminary presentation for the client. The presentation conveys how the agency understands the product, the client’s requirements and the agency’s advice on how to achieve the client’s objectives. Sometimes, the agency could bring out a far greater objective than imagined by the client.

Once the client approves the approach taken in the preliminary presentation, various professionals in the advertising agency from its creative, media, production and other departments put heads together with the client servicing account heads to cobble up an advertising campaign proposal. This proposal is quite simply a road map for promoting the product or service, the various actions that are involved and costs at the various stages and so on.

Clients review proposals, hold extensive discussions with the agency executives and [sometimes] after negotiations on costs, the proposals are accepted. Acceptance is indicated by signing a client engagement agreement and payment of upfront fees for commencement of work.

This is how an advertising campaign proposal is made.


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